Day 56 – I Almost Didn’t Go

I was tired Sunday. After two days at a swim meet with Luna and driving home late Saturday, it felt good to be home. I had so much to do. Clean out the car, do the laundry, get ready for the coming week. I could have laid in bed all day. I managed to get up and run errands. Walmart, car wash, cleaning and laundry. Time was getting away from me. I had planned on meeting the folks from Out of the Box worship center down at the Cana Home for Adults. They were going to bring the residents treats and throw them a party! I didn’t know who would be there but I knew I wanted to be part of it.  

The afternoon came quickly. My map app said it was going to take 35 minutes to get there. I don’t like to be late. Being late makes me anxious. Luna, Kendal and I loaded up and took off. I bribed Kendal to come by promising him soft serve ice cream at Sheetz. My map said we were going to get there at 5:22 which made me cranky. We still had to stop at Sheetz and the party was planned from 5-6. I almost turned the car around. I almost didn’t go. Time was not on my side, Lu was cranky, Kendal was only going for the ice cream and I didn’t know who was going. What I did know is that I wanted to serve and this was a great opportunity. I brought Luna because everybody loves babies, and I bribed Kendal to go so he could watch her in the back seat. We stopped at Sheetz and Kendal ran in. He came back out quickly and said they were out of soft serve bowls. I got snippy and said we don’t have time for this. He got in the car. I almost headed for home but I knew I had to go. So with everyone in my car in a foul mood we headed to Cana. 

The drive there was easy and quick. Luna fell asleep and Kendal played on his phone. We traveled on roads I had never been on to a place we had never been. When we arrived Luna was asleep and Kendal was nervous. New situations take him way out of his comfort zone. I left them in the car for a minute so I could go in and see what was going on. 

Once inside I was directed to the kitchen area. All the residents were seated at tables and the place was busy. Visitors stood all around passing out cupcakes, chips, ice cream, chips, stuffed animals and other treats. The place was packed. I said hello to Ronnie and Misty (The Pastor from Out of the Box and his wife) and went back outside to get the kids. 

Kendal was nervous. He loves to serve others but he gets anxious in new situations. I had to wake Luna from her short nap. She woke up happy and ready to go. We went inside and the room seemed even more crowded. We hadn’t brought anything to pass out. Instead I spent my time there talking with all the residents. Luna and I visited with every resident. We learned their names, where they were from and how long they had lived there. We laughed and they all just ate Luna up. One resident even gave me a tour of her room. Luna smiled and waved. Kendal helped serve. (He even got some ice cream). A choir sang and Kerry played his guitar. The mood was light, relaxed, fun and full of love. Talking with people is one of my strengths. I love to meet new people. I have never met a stranger. I was overwhelmed by the kindness the residents showed me. I left there feeling uplifted and I knew that all the events that almost prevented me from coming, was just the Devils Way of trying to keep us from showing Gods love. 

As I drove back up the mountain, heading back home to try and make it to life group, I reflected on the afternoon. I am so very thankful for churches like Out of the Box that allow me the opportunity to serve along side them. They are not doing it for the recognition , instead they are showing God’s love to glorify him.  

Pastor Ronnie posted this about the afternoon: 

Wowed: that’s the best way I know to say what is in my heart right now. The Church, not Out of the Box, although we were represented there, we had at least 6 churches represented who came together as the Body of Christ and as the community to be the hands and feet of Jesus. That’s what Church is, we are not in competition with each other we are on a mission together. There were about 30 people who came with food, quilts, stuffed animals, personal items, cards, candy, soda, music, and lots of love and you could see the love. 

I know I will leave someone out because we had several who sent things but couldn’t be there so please tag anyone who was there that I miss. You are Rock Stars! The people at the Cana Adult home were blessed by your kindness and generosity. And I know we are the ones most blessed by them. Thank you so much for being the Church. Wow

When churhes come together to be the hand and feet of Jesus they are living out Romans 12. 

Romans 12 has become my life verse. It was the inspiration behind this journey of 365 days of serving, loving and giving. I am so thankful for Out of The Box and the Opportunity to serve. I encourgae you to step out of your comfort zone to serve with other churches. It won’t be easy, the devil won’t like it, but I promise you that the more we step out as The Church , the more we can do to glorify Him. I can’t wait until the next opportunity. I hope some of you will join me! 


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