Day 55 – Random Acts

One of my favorite things to do is random acts of kindness with random people. People I don’t know and will probably never see again. It catches people off gaurd. They always look at me like they are waiting for the catch. What am I selling, preaching or pushing on them. Most times I am somewhere and someone catches my attention. I watch and wait for the perfect time.

This past Saturday while in Danville we stopped to eat lunch at Subway with our teammates between swim sessions. The place was packed. The small town we were in didn’t have a lot of dining options. There were other swimmers, basketball players, volleyball players and even a group of 20 somethings with mountain bikes on the top of the car speaking French. The line was long and there were only three people working the Subway / TCBY combo. 

In the middle of all the chaos was a couple in their 60s, nicely dressed and very friendly. They chatted with the girls in line about volleyball and flirted with Luna. They were patient and kind even though they were surrounded by kids.  They weren’t irritated by how slow the line was going or in a hurry. I couldn’t stop watching them. They stood out among all the kids who had just come from sporting events but for more than just their appearance. It was their attitude, or lack of , that caught my eye. I wondered what their story was. When they got to the register to pay, I quickly leaned over and said, “this ones on me.” The man at first just stared at me, it was like I was the one speaking French in line. He continued to stare at me, his money in hand, as I added my sandwiches to the bill. I explained he was my act of kindness for the day. He said thank you and took his food and sat down, still looking bewildered. As I gathered up my food his wife came back up to the register and thanked me. I told her all about my blog, and how they were my act of kindness for the day. I shared a story with them about how God always blesses those who bless others (See Day 2 Books and Coffee). They asked about the name of my blog and sat down to eat. They were on their way to a regional high school basket ball game. They said goodbye and off they went, never to be seen again. 

One thing is for sure, this journey has changed me. I am more open about talking about my faith and Jesus. I had never been comfortable about sharing about Jesus with others. I felt underqualified and not knowledgeable. What I have learned is that by serving, loving and giving the glorify Him, I act as an ambassador for Christ. I want my giving to be a reflection of the love I have for Christ. 

I will never know the true effects of that one encounter in Subway. I do firmly believe though that no encounter is a chance encounter when we are serving God. Looking for ways to serve and Glorify him does not always mean I will see the end results. Trusting in His plan for this journey I know that every random act of kindness is not really random. There are no coincidences when you believe in God.

To make a very long story short, later that afternoon my keys fell out of the stroller while I took Luna for a walk on the campus of Hargrave Military Institute where the swim meet was. Mia’s swim bag that she needed for finals and Luna’s bag were locked inside. We were two hours from home and it was getting dark.  I had walked the whole campus and they ended up being found in a big grass field where we parked. During the hour it took to find them I was told several times that I was handling the situation better than other people would. I was able to share with people that I was on this journey of serving, giving and loving and that God would take care of the situation. Getting upset wouldn’t make it better. I started to have one moment of panic after we had looked for an hour  and it was time for Mia to get in the pool. Behind that school, with Luna in my arms I prayed out loud. I walked back to my car to try and find a way to break in and a man walked up and said are these your keys!!!! I almost cried with joy. I do know now that if I hadn’t been spending so much time serving God and in God’s word I would of handled that situation much differently. I encourage you to take more time to serve others and be in God’s word. Life will be different. It will change the way you see daily things. It wil give you the courage and tools to share your faith. It will teach you to pray about everything, even your lost keys!!


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