Day 54- A Venti Sized Swim Meet

Being a swim mom takes a lot of work. Being a swim mom with a ten month old is hard. This past weekend Mia, Luna and I traveled to Danville for a regional swim meet. This was our first time traveling with Luna for multiple nights away to a swim meet and it was hard.

Luna is crawling and touching everything which make this germaphobe mom have an anxiety attack. Hotel , gym and pool floors are not the ideal place for a baby so I spent the majority of the weekend holding Luna. First let me just say that I know that Luna is the easiest baby in the world. She spent 5 hours the first morning at the pool and didn’t complain once. It was hot and very crowded but she hung tight with the rest of us. All the moms took turns holding her so I could use the bathroom, rinse of pacifiers , you know all the important stuff. What made it so difficult is that she was in my arms, or backpack the whole time. I just could not let her crawl around on the gym floor where we were housed. She cheered, tried to grab people, danced and became a sweaty mess.  By the end of the first five hours we were both exhausted.

 During the break between prelims and finals she took a very long nap in the car. I took advantage of the moment and ate in peace, checked emails and replied to texts and messages. I should have napped. We all should have napped. The pool was 30 minutes away, parking was rough, and I knew it would be a long night at finals. I dreaded the crowds and the heat. It was 70 degrees Friday! I needed coffee no matter what. 

So for my act of kindness for the day, Before heading back to the pool I ran into Starbucks and got myself and one of my best swim mom friends a venti iced coffee. I knew it wouldn’t be enough but hopefully it would help us get through the evening. Swimming is a community and I couldn’t make it without the other swim moms. We spend a lot of time together and our kids spend countless hours practicing and traveling together. Gretchen and I have been friends for years. Our girls have been swimming against eachother in summer league for years. We have been with H2okies for for 4 seasons now. You become family with your swim team. Gretchen has had a full plate lately but she still takes our kids and treats them like her own. All the moms do. Kids pile in cars and hotel rooms together. So after spending five hours at the pool she took the kids to IHOP to eat. Luna was dead asleep so Mia went on with her. As I sat in the air conditioned car eating my lunch in silence I thought about how blessed I am to have a friend like Gretchen who is willing to help out with Mia. After we had Luna we were so blessed by all the swim moms helping to get her to and from practice. I don’t thank them enough. The car rides, places to sleep, meals, texts and cheering. Swimming is a family affair and by family I mean your swim family. 

So here is a Venti sized Thank you to all the swim moms (and dads) who have helped out with Mia over the years and who continue to help out. In fact I am sending Mia to Florida in a couple weeks with them to a big swim meet. If it wasn’t for them she probably wouldn’t be able to go. I can’t thank them enough. 

Swimming is a unique sport. You swim Year round , five days a week. You become like family with the other families. I encourgae you to take time to thank the people who help shape your kids lives. We are so blessed to be part of this crazy sport and be part of the swim family!! 


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