Day 53 – Words of Encouragement 

Yesterday I received a thank you card in the mail from two of my friends Andy and Kathy Collier. I got to know them when I led the life group Servolution a couple of summers ago. They are great people with a heart for serving. I am so very thankful they came into my life. The words of encouragement was just what I needed and inspired me for my act of kindness for the day. 

Having been blessed by their words, I was inspired by Andy and Kathy to write messages of encouragement to those who have inspired me. These short messages were meant to thank others for their service to this community. To let them know it does not go unnoticed and that it continues to inspire me on this journey of 365 days of serving others. You might be surprised by who God led me to lift up. 

Although I attend Cornerstone Church, and I love our pastor and his whole family, there are several other local pastors who inspire me with the way they, their family and their church serve this community. Dave and Beth White at Christ Chapel, Ronnie Collins at Out of the Box, Debbie Wright at Cliffview. Just because they don’t go to my church doesn’t mean their actions and service go unnoticed. It is a passion of mine to serve with people from all over the community, through many different ministries, with one purpose of serving others to glorify God. The local churches are many parts of the one body of Christ. It inspires me to see so many churches in our community serving. Take time to encourage the local pastors who inspire you. 

This community is also blessed with so many local ministries that are lead by some awesome people. Two of my favorite people are Kisha and Brenda. They are my spirit Animals. I am continually inspired by their commitment to this community. Writing them notes of encouragement was like writing a thank you note for inspiring me daily with their works. Take time this week to write letters of encouragement to those who inspire you. 

There are also those unsung heroes, those who serve daily. Those who give rides to the sick, collect items for mothers to be, give money and time without anyone knowing it was them. These are my people. The ones I text or call when there is an immediate need, a urgent request, they fill it without asking one question or passing judgement. One of those people is my friend Crystal. She would never want to be applauded publicly for all she does. Take time to lift up the unsung heroes in your life. Simple words of encouragement and thanks for the work they do serving others to glorify Him. 

Through serving others I have made life lasting friendships at my own church. One couple I am so thankful for is Terry and Mary Ann Jacobs. They are my pastor’s in laws. They  have been by my side since day one of the Free Community Meals. We have planned and served together for the last three years. Through serving together we have become friends and I am so thankful for their help. Not to mention they are great cooks and no one can get me laughing like Terry at these meals. Serving is how I got to know and formed relationship with many of the people in my own church. Doing life with other believers strengthens my faith and encourages me to continue serving others in hopes of becoming fully alive in Christ. Words of encouragemt are free. Take time to encourage the people in your life who inspire you. Imagine what the world would be like if we spent more time lifting each other up instead of looking for peoples mistakes. What if we focused on the good in all people and learned to give thanks? I know that personally this journey has changed the way I see the world. Perspective is a powerful thing. 


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