Day 51 – Don’t Google It!!

Saturday night my ten month old daughter had an allergic reaction to something. I am pretty sure it was to some nuts on my frozen yogart. Although she didn’t eat any acutual nuts , she did eat some bites of yogart from the same bowl. That evening, while in the bath I noticed large welts all over her body. Nothing like an allergic reaction to give you a scare. 

My first instinct is to panic. I don’t handle things like that very well and my level of anxiety increased ten fold with this baby. I don’t like when I can’t control things and allergies are serious and unpredictable. Another problem I have is I tend to Google things. I joke all the time that I have a Google degree. When I google something I am sure I can diagnose it. I mean who needs a doctor’s degree when you have google? So when Luna started to break out I didn’t panic or google. Instead I called my friend and doctor Amy Butler. 

Amy is one of a kind. She works long hours to take the best care for her patients. She loves being a doctor and it shows. She takes care of my family and many of my friends. She has delivered one of my children and coached the delivery of another. She works long hours at a job she loves, serving and taking care of our community. 

God places us in perfect unison with where we should be serving in life. Just as he placed Adam in the Garden to work, he places us and we are reminded of the holy vocation of work. 

As soon as I called Amy she put my panic at ease. She told me what to do, what to look for, what the ER would do. She always reassures us and calms us. I was able to treat Luna and sleep with some peace. 

I am sure Thankful that God placed Amy as not only our doctor but my friend. She serves our community daily in her job. She works long hours to care for our families, long hours that takes time away from her family to make sure ours are taken care of. I am sure glad God chose Amy to be a doctor. She loves her work and it shows. 

To show my appreciation for her service and friendship I had a monogrammed glass made for her and dropped it by her office with a note.The note said thank you for being our doctor and my friend. Maybe this will help you get thru flu season. It was a small token of appreciation for her service to others daily. 

I encourage you to take time to thank the doctors and nurses in your life. I know they choose their profession but it a calling and a profession of service to their community. I love what Beth White at Christ Chapel did a few weeks ago. She took donates and a note around to doctors offices, in the height of the flu season. This simple act of kindness for those who serv us daily was inspiring. We all have the ability to let our lights shine for his glory. Whether you are a doctor, a nurse, a patient. I encourage you to take time to show others you appeciate their service and let your light shine for his glory!! 


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