Day 50 – What I have learned

Yesterday was day 50 of 365 days of serving, loving and kindness. For my act of kindness I brought a pack of mini cokes to Kendal’s teacher. There are certain foods, candies, snacks, animals and colors that remind me of people. Mrs. Hawks loves mini cokes. She is petitie in nature but anything but small in personality. The kids call her old school. She has taught both my children. When Kendal and I were are at Grants the other night we saw some mini cokes and we knew we just had to get them for her. A little pick me up for the home stretch. I promise you that teachers need a pick me up this time of year. We are 2/3 of the way done with school. We have had no snow days and state testing is approaching fast. No better way to show kindness than to write a note and give a gift to lift a teacher up this time of year. I encourage you to life up a teacher this month. 

Since it was day 50 yesterday I went back and read through some of my past blog posts. This journey started out as a way to live out Romans 12, my scripture of the year, inspired by the book Chase the Lion by Mark Batterson, but it has been about so much more. I have seen true love in action. I have been able to witness so much good and by being intentional about my acts of serving, giving and loving, my perspective has changed.

Along the way God has talked to me in ways and through people and situations I could have never imagined. One great lesson I have learned is that people have many gifts, sometimes it just takes someone believing in them, giving them opportunity or encouraging them to use them. 

The generousity of others, the willingness to give without any questions asked, the enourmous amount of Grace and Love shown to strangers. It is more than I could have ever imagined would happen. I am humbled by the journey He is taking me on. 
As I look back through my posts one thing that sticks out is my possessions. Although I have given away and donated a lot of stuff over the last 50 days I still feel this overwhelming attachment to my possessions. I am a work in progress. I want less to do more for Him. I want my treasure to be a reflection of where my heart is. I was just saying today how if I can fill up a basket a week full of stuff to donate or give away then we have to much stuff. If we haven’t used it in the last year we are going to get rid of it. Less stuff means more time to do the things we love like serve and give. I have also learned that as much as I think I have a plan sometimes, ok a lot of the time my plan is not His plan. That I must not give up. That there will be tough times but if I continue to focus on serving others to Glorify him, he will continue to bless me.

50 days in and I am reading my bible more, giving more than I have ever gived, talking about my faith more, witnessing Grace and Love in abundance. No one will even be able to convince me that any act of kindness is to small. I encourgae and challenge you to serve, love and give. Do one act a day for a week. Bless others and support promise you, the blessings in your life will unfold. 


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