Day 49 – First Responders 

Sunday the weather was perfect and everyone in my house was finally starting to feel better. The sun was shining and it felt like spring. It was a perfect day to spend the afternoon serving with our Cornerstone kids. To show their appreciation and thanks, Cornerstone kids invited all the first Responders in our area to a free meal. The kids were so excited to serve. We almost couldn’t contain their excitement. They greeted, served meals, got drinks, offered dessert and cleared plates. It was inspiring to see them give back to those in our community who protect and serve us during some of our most trying times. Just recentl the rescue squad had to care for my dad at his house as well as transport him to Forsyth. I am so thankful for all the First Responders in our community.This was a great event and an awesome way to get my act of kindness in for the day. Serving along Kendal and saying thanks. First Responders spend many hours away from their families at a moments notice for little or no pay. They are underpaid and under appreciated. They make huge sacrifices in their lives and are willing to lay down their lives to help others. Serving the First Responders with Kendal was a privelage and such a great way to continue on this 365 days of serving, loving and giving. I encourgae you to show your appreciation to the First Responders in your community. Tell them how much you respect their service and do something nice to show you care. You never know when you might need them and I promise you they will be there to serve you anytime, anyplace and anyway.


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