Day 48- Will all the Children’s Pastors please stand up

One of the things we love about living in this small mountain community is not only our church but many of the other local churches as well. Our church has great kids and youth ministries but so do many of the other churches. What is awesome is that we have been able to be part of so many great events and opportunities at lots of churches. 

Today as our act of kindness, Mia and I dropped a gift off to our Children’s ministry director for all her work and help on the Valentines Dinner Fundraiser for Water Missions International (see my Day 41 post). Brandy worked so hard to make sure the night was a success and it was. What I love about Cornerstone is their support of our kids and youth in their ministries. Mia has had the opportunity to hold water walks, go to Charleston, do water a bottle drive, go to Nicaragua and throw a Valentines Dinner just to name a few. Brandy was so supportive and made Mia feel so special during the planning of the Valentines Day Party. It is those adults in her life, encouraging her, that fuel her passion to serve others. So to say thank you we dropped off a little present at her house! What is great is that we bought it off a young girl starting her own business selling monogrammed items. We love to support local. Today was crazy. We had an Upward Basketball game at Cliffview Church. Cliffview is another church with an awesome Children’s ministry director Debbie Wright. We have been a part of and attended several children’s activities over the years at Cliffview and we are so thankful to Debbie and the rest of the staff and volunteers at Cliffview for the opportunities they provide for our children to learn and grow in their faith. 

After some basketball, indoor soccer, grocery shopping and travel we some how ended up at home without cat food and coffee creamer. Now the cat could have made it 18 hours without food (I would have given it some lunch meat) but there was no way I was waking up without creamer , so I ran to Old  Town quickly. As I was checking out of Old Town I saw a note taped to the register. As soon as I saw it I immediately recognized it. The note on the little black heart was one of the notes from the tables at the Valentines Dinner the other night. I asked the lady where she got the note and she said it must be from one of the local churches. Someone had left it laying in the store and when she read it she knew it had to be hung up. I laughed out loud and took a picture. The lady thought I was crazy. I told everyone who was within earshot of that register about the note, how you never know when you are planting a seed and how God’s timing was perfect. Maybe I was rambling but I couldn’t stop talking about that note, this journey I am on and how my faith continues to be strengthened by things like this. 

So to Brandy, Debbie, and Beth (Christ Chapel)   and all the other Children’s Ministry Directors around who have provided my kids with opportunities to learn, explore, have fun and grow in their faith, will you please stand up. I want to take a minute to applaud you for all you do.

Like the note at Old Town tonight reminded me, you may never know how, where or who but the seeds you plant will take root, spread and grow. I challenge you to take time to applaud the childrens ministry leaders in your life. If you don’t attend a church and want to get your kids involved I can point you to several churches in our area. There are so many kids and youth ministries in our area.

After I wrote this I looked up the verse from the heart to read the full chapter. Again I knew that God was speaking right to me through His Word. I don’t know how that note ended up where it did but I know that it reminded me that this journey I am on is for one reason, to glorify God in all that I do.

I went back and read it again using the Message version. I can’t stop reading and believing that me seeing that note at Old Town was God’s way of reminding me that everything I do and write about on this journey of serving others for 365 days is for his glory and not my own. I know without a doubt that none of this is possible with out Him. 


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