Day 47 – Flu Season 

It is flu season. We have never had the flu. This year has been tough on us. My dad had the flu, Kendal had the flu and I am just praying no one else gets it! With the flu season comes lots of kids out sick at school and lots of teachers out too! Yesterday one of my aides had a sub coming in and when she canceled we couldn’t find another one. Well we had a sub but they had to pull her for another teacher who had to leave. It was just that kind of day( Read post 46). Felt like a Monday all day! My friend, Darlene Isom is our evening custodian and my favorite sub. I have talked about her in several posts. I just don’t know what I would do with out her friendship and help. 

When she heard I didn’t have a sub she came and checked on my classroom all afternoon in between her job duties. She didn’t have to do that. It is just who she is. Helping and serving others daily. She is a true inspiration. Her light shines for everyone who knows her!To thank her for always having my back, I brought her a pack of Dr. Pepper. We both have a love for them. I ordered some off some friends doing a fundraiser and when I got them Thursday night, I knew just what to do with them. I brought a pack in to share with my class (Dr. Pepper can be a powerful reward), I put a pack in our fridge (we never have soda at home so this was a treat) and I took a pack to give Mrs. Darlene as a thank you for always having my back! What happens today? Luna runs a fever and is sick. I have to leave and Darlene volunteers to check on my room and help out so they don’t have to scramble and find a sub. My students with Austism don’t do well with new people. That is what I try to always get the same sub. Darlene is one of those people that shines her light in all she does. She works hard, helps others, loves her family and loves the kids. I couldn’t ask for a better person to have my back. An 8 pack of Dr. Pepper isn’t enough. 

I have to say the work place is a mission field. Acts of kindness and serving can act as a testimony in a place where religion and school are supposed to be separated. I am blessed to work in an atmosphere where I can serve others as a testimony to my faith. Today the other special education paid my way at the baked potatoe fundraiser. She had no idea Lu was sick or that I was trying to leave, she was just being kind, and because God’s timing is perfect , it was just what I needed! 

Take time to tell others you appreciate them. Do not let good deeds go unnoticed. Find opportunities in your workplace to show kindness. Use your acts as a testimony to your faith. Now it is time for me to go have a Dr. Pepper! 


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