Day 46- When you have a bad day

Yesterday was a bad day. Not the worst but one of those days where you let everything annoy you and get into a funk. Since I started this journey of 365 days of serving, loving and giving, those kind of days had dwindled in number. Being intentional about serving others and looking for opportunities to be kind, leaves little room for bad days. When you chose to love others it is hard to be mad. 

When you have a bad day what do you want to do? I guess before I would go home and try to shake that irritated feeling but now life is different. After 46 days of this journey I knew what I needed to do. I went down and served at God’s Storehouse soup kitchen with some of my favorite people.

I love the soup kitchen. So many in our small town rely on this ministry for their meals. It is quite an undertaking, feeding 100 or more people 4 days a week. It really does take the whole community. 
I got down there around 5. I was happy to see some people that I have become friends with eating. I chatted and made my rounds, ate dinner with some kids, cleaned trays, put out (and sampled) the desserts. Just being there, serving others, listening , laughing and loving, made my funk seem childish. 

I was reminded of a verse in Romans 12 (my verse of the year, what this mission is based on) I saw this verse in a different light. What if my enemy was the bad mood I was in. What better way to defeat it but to feed and love others. What if when things in our lives made us mad, discontent, sad or bitter, we served and loved others instead of taking out our feelings on others. 

Serving others changes you. You can not serve others and not love them. You learn about Grace and Forgiveness. I had been reading People of a Second Chance by Mike Foster but hadn’t picked it up in weeks. Last night I was reminded about it when I witnessed great acts of grace and love. People deserve a second chance and they deserve love. I love People of a Second Chance. This pretty much sums up how they work. I challenge you. Next time you feel yourself slipping into a funk, be kind to someone, serve     someone , give, love, show  grace. 

The Grace and love I witnessed being shown to two women at the absolute bottom in life was inspiring. God would never turn his back on those hurting and we shouldn’t either. Be the snow cone!!!!


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