Day 45 – Just Add Water

Today we had an unexpected snow day. Mia had swim practice at 5:30am so there was no one to wake up and get ready for school. Today was also a big day for Galax Swim Team as they headed to the Virginia High School 2A swimming championship. Mia loves her team. She begged to come watch the finals tonight. I tried to talk her out of it for selfish reasons but  after being home for a snow day most of my reasons were no longer valid. So at 4pm Mia, Riley and I headed to the Christiansburg Aquatic Center (Mia’s second time for the day) to cheer on and support! 

I love swim meets. The excitement, the crowds, the fast swimming, best times, and sportsmanship. High school swimming is so much different than USA swimming. A lot of the kids don’t compete year round. They love to swim and swim team gives them the chance to experience High School sports and all that comes with it. Galax is only in its third year of high school swimming. Coach Trace taught Mia to swim. It is where her roots are. Although I really wanted to go support them at State, I was tired, had stuff to do and just lazy. I tired to talk Mia out of it, it was a school night, we would get back late, you have to go in the am for practice. But those were all bad excuses and I knew it.

See last year at Mia’s regional USA swim meet, Trace and his whole family drove up to Christiansburg to watch her swim in the finals. That night she swam the race of her life in the 200 Fly. Mia was so happy and thankful that the man who had taught her to swim and had encouraged her for years, was there to see that race. She cut a ton of time, got third, and got the Age Group Champ qualifying time but more importantly her biggest cheerleaders were there supporting her. When she watches the video of that race and hears Trace cheering for her, she is reminded of the support and love he has shown her over the years. 

I knew I had to take her. I wanted her to continue to show support for those who had been her support system since the first swim lesson she had taken. Galax swimming is where her heart is. To show some love to the swimmers who made finals and for our act of kindness for the day, Mia and I bought them recovery bars and wrote notes from her and Riley. Mia was so happy at the pool supporting her friends. All of them in high school but each one so nice to Mia. They will never know how much Mia looks up to them and how thankful I am for the way they treat her. As Mia hung out with the team, I decided to time. There is nothing like a front row seat at the swim meet (unless of course you have to be in charge of the dolphin which I can not do). It was a long night. We didn’t get home until 11pm but Mia had so much fun and I was glad I got to see a couple of our Galax swimmers get on the podium. On the way home I received a text from one of the parents thanking us for going to watch their son swim. It made me realize that although the support wasn’t there like it is for say high school state football championships, to those swimmers competing it is just as important. I was thankful I hadn’t listened to all the excuses and stayed home. What excuse are you making today for nor attending a game, making a call, meeting a friend? Take time to invest in the people in your life. Your time is your most valuable asset. 


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