Day 44- Wrong Size, No Mistake!

Today was crazy, or otherwise known has Valentine’s Day at school! That means candy and sweets and excitement. By the time 6pm came around and I was finally home I was exhausted. I still had not done my act of kindness for the day but Mia and I had a plan so I knew it would eventually get done.

Between dinner, homework, laundry and everything else that has to be done before tomorrow can happen, the night started to slip away and our original plan seemed unfeasible. I have learned in the past 43 days that patience is important and an opportunity always arises. I continued to pack up another bag (I am a real bag lady, I have a bag for everything and so do the kids. Swim bag, diaper bag, gym bag, lunch bag, school supply bag the list goes on and on but it is the only way to keep organized and sane with our schedule) and realized I needed more diapers. I had an Amazon order of diapers arrive today and went to open the box. When I opened it up I realized I made a big mistake. I had forgotten to change the diaper size on my auto order. I now had 246 diapers that were too small! It was 8:40 pm, I had a huge box of diapers that were to small, I needed diapers and the thought of driving all the way to Walmart made me sad. I was angry at myself for not changing the diaper size. 246 is a lot of diapers. I decided I would run to CVS and get some diapers really quick. Just then I had an idea. I knew what I would do! I would give the diapers to a young couple who had just had a baby. The grandmother is one of my friends from church. A lady with a true servants heart and is a blessing to others. The new mom is so in love. Her Facebook posts make me smile and I am so happy for how everything has been working out for them.  So at 8:43 at night I ran to CVS and then dropped off the surprise at their house. It took ten minutes to bless someone. I could of chose to be upset and irritated about the wrong size diaper, the thought of sending it back to Amazon, the late night trip to CVS but instead I chose to see it as an opportunity to bless someone else. To find the good in the situation, to look for ways to serve at all times. I chose to take my mistake and bless someone else. 

Babies are such a blessing. Luna has completed our family. We were blessed beyond belief with everything we needed and more for her. I am trying to pay that forward as often as I can. I encourage you to take time to lift up new parents, serve them, love them. The support they receive will trickle down to their baby. Babies are a gift and should be celebrated. 

Side Note: After all that running around last night we had a snow day this morning. Everything I did last night could have been done today. I had to laugh out loud. Serving, giving and loving in His name is never on my time. 


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