Day 43 – Blessed by the Delivery 

I often get messages or text messages about needs in our community. I love connecting people who want to serve and give with those in need. Most of the time they don’t even know each other’s name. Giving in secret, not wanting anything in return. Living out this verse in the Bible….Last week I got a message about some teenagers who could use some items like body wash, deodorant, toothpaste etc. I sent out a message and quickly had two baskets full of stuff.  My act of kindness yesterday wasn’t putting together the baskets. To be honest I didn’t put anything in them. The only thing I did was connect a need with those who want to serve, send out a message, collect the items and deliver. Delivering was my act for the day and I felt bad after. Not because the kids didn’t love the stuff, I felt bad because I was so blessed by the delivery. 

When I got to the house to drop off the stuff it was the same house of the lady who is so courageously battling breast cancer. When I dropped off her basket a couple of weeks ago (see my post Day 25 I left the items without talking to anyone. It was late, Luna was in the car and I didn’t want to impose knowing she had had surgery the day before. When I knocked on the door to drop off the baskets for the teenagers, to my surprise she answered the door. Butchering their names, I asked if the teenagers were home. She laughed and said they were her niece and nephew and called them to the door. They came quickly and went to the other room to examine their surprise. I mentioned that I was the one who dropped off the tote for her a couple of weeks ago. I told her what an inspiration she was and how I thought about her  often. I asked how she was doing and she said better. Then she said something that struck me. 

She said, “I am just happy I can go back to work part time tomorrow.”

“That’s great” , I said , “where do you work?”

“McDonalds”, she replied. “I am still sore but just happy to be able to work”. 

Here was a woman who was battling cancer. Who had family and some support but life was still tough. What was she thankful for? To be well enough to go to work. I was overwhelmed. What if we all thought about life like that? What if we were thankful for our health and for our jobs. What if we were thankful in all circumstances, content, finding strength in the lord. I thanked her for her time. The kids and the aunt waved. I walked back to my car feeling blessed. Mia told me she heard the teens going through their baskets with sounds of excitement. I walked away encouraged and blessed by the delivery. 

I am not alone in this journey. Thank you to all of those who serve, give and love others without wanting recognition or without question. Thank you for allowing me to deliver these blessing and share our story. Thank you for serving God and giving him the glory. You never know when you might find your self sitting right next to the person you served at a basketball game or they might serve you at McDonald’s. Thank you for allowing me to witness this giving in secret. What an undeserved blessing it is. 


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