Day 41 – Happy Valentines Day

Today for my act of service I served along side my daughter. With the help of our childrens ministry director, she organized a Valentines Dinner for couples with all proceeds going to Water Missions Mia is passionate about clean water. Since her 8th birthday she has held several fundraisers all benefiting Water Missions totaling thousands of dollars. The thing about kids is that no matter how big the problem is, they think they can make a difference. Providing Clean Water for people around the world is big. No one person can solve that problem. Most people would look at a problem that big and give up. Not Mia, she believes she can make a difference and has. 

The Valentines Dinner was a great success. Cesar and I enjoyed a date night. The youth were involved in serving 

It was a great night for everyone! Mia said it was the most fun she has had at a Water Missions Fundraiser. I am so proud of her for sticking with this mission. I hope her passion for water both inside and outside the pool never fades. I am so thankful for people like our Childrens Ministry Director who encourage and support her mission. Cornerstone church has always supported Mia and her quest to provide clean water. I love that they encourage our youth to find their passions and pursue them. 

On the tables were bible verses. Our table had the following verse:I am so thankful that God chose me to be Mia’s mom. She has a passion for serving others and has a drive that most kids her age don’t. I was humbled by the opportunity to serve along side her even if it was just cleaning tables. Sometimes we need to step back and let our kids lead.

I challenge you to take time to support your children in their passions and dreams. If they have a service project they want to do, help them make that happen. Find ways they can help make a differnce. Let them lead the way, you might find they can do more than you think!!


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