Day 40 – You haven’t lived until …

“You haven’t lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you” This quote by John  Bunyan is one of my favorites. It speaks volumes to me. It is one of my life mottos. 

I was trapped all day at home again while Kendal was recuperating from the flu. I got a lot accomplished for the community meal and the start of several other service projects but I didn’t really think about my act of service, giving or loving for the day. I am on day 40 and one thing I have learned by now is that I am not in control, and if I am patient enough God will provide the opportunity. I just need to be focused on the good, have my heart in the right place and He will take care of the rest. 

This evening I went on a walk with one of my best friends! It felt good to be out in the cool air. When I got home Luna was fast asleep so I decided to head to the store. It was almost 7. Just as I was heading out the door I got a message from a lady. She was in the hospital with her cousin who had just had a baby and was wondering if I had a car seat. The mother didn’t even have a car seat to take the baby home in. I have know this lady for a very long time, she has never asked me for anything, even though I didn’t know the circumstances behind the situation or the mothers past I knew God was telling me I had to help! I had an extra car seat that was given to me and some odds and ends baby stuff. I ran it over to her as a start. 

It isn’t my place to decide whether this someone was worthy of my help. I didn’t  need to know the circumstances or the reasons. It is my job to help with no expectation in return. My job isn’t to keep score. Like Bob Goff said , “Grace is only hard to give if we are keeping score”. The thing about doing something for someone who can’t repay you is that you aren’t keeping score. You aren’t waiting to see if they deserve it or what they have done to get themselves into the situation. I have learned through this journey that if God presents the opportunity then I should take it. And I did. 

What happened was not only did I offer up the opportunity for others to help, but in doing so I was able to talk, or message, with several people and talk to them about serving , loving, giving and my faith. Not only that but I was able to witness so many unselfish acts of giving. People who have more than me who give in secret not wanting praise but wanting to bless others with what they have been blessed with. People who have less than me who are willing to help out a complete stranger with no questions asked. 

I believe that people want to give. They want to help. Often they just need the opportunity or encouragement. Tonight I was so overwhelmed by people wanting to help this young mother and not one asked me who she was, why she needed it or what her story was. 

I am reminded of the story in Mark where we see what it means to give extravagantly. 

I challenge you to do something this week for someone who can never repay you and do it extravagantly. 


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