Day 39 – I am calling in sick

So today I had to get a sub for work because Wednesday afternoon Kendal wasn’t feeling well and had a low grade fever. This morning when he woke up at 3am his fever had spiked and he felt worse. I got him to Urgent Care right when they opened at 7, and sure enough he was positive for Flu A. Poor kid, he is sick. I am so thankful that my favorite sub was available. It makes it less stressful to know she is in my class, I know my students are well taken care of. I will come back to that in a second. 

First, Today I was reminded once again why I love living in this small town. They say it takes a village and I am so thankful for my village. Being at home with one kid with the flu and one healthy baby is challenging. I had to disinfect the house as well as care for Kendal, all the while trying not to get Lu sick. And wouldn’t you know it, I ran out of coffee. I couldn’t imagine how I would make it through the day, on as little sleep as I had had, without coffee. That is when my village showed up and brought me everything I would need to get through the day as well as a treat for Kendal.Sometimes a your village is one of your very best friends, sometimes it is a new friend , or someone you have know for awhile, your village is the community that you live in, the people you do life with, the people who when you are out of coffee and stranded at home show up at your door step! Not only that but dinner was delivered also! I have found on this journey that taking time to tell the people in my life I appreciate them builds and strengthens my village. When I give back and serve others it strengthens my village. When I love and give to others my village strengthens. Today my village showed up and I will forever be thankful. It made fighting the flu easier and lifted mine and Kendal’s spirits.  

Now back to calling in sick. My sub is part of my village. I wrote about her in my post Fit for Life! She is the hardest working woman I know. Not only is she great with my students but she is always putting others first. When I asked her to sub for me for two days she didn’t even hesitate. Subbing for me makes for a long day for her. See when she subs for me she works until 10pm at least in her other role as custodian . She is my favorite sub. She loves my kids. You wouldn’t believe how many people refuse to work in my Sped classroom. Sometimes it is impossible to get a sub. Having Darlene for a sub takes away so much stress. As any teacher will tell you, we don’t like to take off work, it is more work to be out !

To show my appreciation for Mrs. Darlene ? I stopped by the school late tonight and dropped off a treat and a note for her and the class.I am so thankful for Darlene. She has done so much to help me over the years. Her work ethic is to be rivaled. She is a true role model. 

Even on a day like today, with so much sickness, God made it possible for me to be kind and serve someone. I had ordered these doughnuts weeks ago off a student to help with the costs to a church camp. When her grandma called me and dropped them off around 5 pm I new exactly what my act of kindness would be. Funny thing is I had been planning a different act all day. Sometimes I just have to be patient and He will show me opportunities for kindness and giving. 

Today has been one of the most encouraging days . I couldn’t be more proud to call Galax my home. Take time to encourage someone in your village. 


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