Day 38 – A Long Walk and a Good Talk

Yesterday I cheated and did two acts of kindness in one day. I didn’t really plan it that way but the opportunities were there and I took them. The first act of kindness I talked about in my post yesterday. Providing Drinks for the Maroon Tide Swim Team as they competed in regionals today! They had awesome swims, a region champ and several swimmers heading to state!! We can’t wait to go watch them and cheer them on!

For my second act of kindness I gave a little girl I tutor a Valentines Day Neckalce and Bracelet. I had found it on super sale the other day and wanted to surprise her.

 Kayleigh is a special little girl. She is all girl. A lover of clothes, jewelry, crafts and fun. She is funny and smart and a joy to tutor. I just love this girl. She makes me laugh and reminds me why I love to teach. She loves to learn, is inquistive, works hard and makes learning fun. She is full of energy and life. No matter what kind of day I am having working with her cheers me up. Her parents are doing it right! They are such loving , giving people and raising their kids to be the same. Tutoring her has been such a blessing . We have become friends with her family and couldn’t be any more thankful that God brought them into our lives. According to Kayleigh I am responsible for every good grade and test score she has received in the last two years and I will take the credit 😜 She has also requested I tutor her through college, unless of course I am too old! 

Since I had two acts of kindness down for yesterday today I took a step back. This past week has been stressful with my dad in the hospital and our crazy schedules. Tonight the stars aligned and I was able to meet a friend for a long walk and a good talk. I can’t believe it is the middle of February and we were able to walk outside. With the glow of the street lights lighting our path, we walked our way through our small town, talking and laughing. We walked three miles. It felt good. It was exactly what I needed. It was God’s perfect timing. When I got home I realized that unless I take more time to take care of me, I won’t be able to serve, love and give to others. Tonight reminded me of that. A simple 45 minute walk with one of my best friends was the best remedy for my soul. I am not good at resting. Tonight I realized that as much as it is important to serve others, it is just as important to serve myself. If I can spend the next next 328 days doing acts of kindness towards others, I could spend some of those serving and loving myself. I vow to get more rest. Not just sleep but rest from the craziness of life, whether it be watching a movie or walking with a friend. As the bible says , He will give us rest.I challenge you to take time for yourself. Serve and love yourself. Take time to rest. I am going to spend the rest of this journey making sure that I don’t get lost in the journey. Without rest you can become tired and weary and I don’t want to get tired of serving others. So today I served and loved myself and it felt good!!!


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