Day 36 – Capturing Moments 

I love to look at pictures. I love to look at pictures of my kids when they were little. There are so many little moments I forgot about until the picture triggers a tidal wave of memories and emotions! Mia’s first swim meet: 

Easter when Kendal was little :

Little Luna being born: 

Today almost all of our memories are digital. They are on our computers, phones, iPads, hard drives, thumb drives, clouds, and websites. All our memories are stored digitally. The plus is we are able to take more pictures and store them easier. But I worry about how my grandkids and great grandkids will be able to see them. Will the thumb drives and memory chips be passed down generation after generation? I want to pass these memories on, so I recently started printing out pictures and sorting them into picture boxes for the kids. They love when the bright orange package arrives from Shutterfly and we go through the pictures, talking about the memories we have captured. 

For my act of kindness yesterday I ordered prints from our recent trip to visit our dear friends, the Hartt’s, in Stuart’s Draft for New Years. They were one of the first families we met when we moved to Galax and our kids have been playing together ever since. They are more like family than friends. I had a set of the prints sent to the Hartt’s as a Thank You and so they could hold on to the memories like we are. I can’t wait until the little orange package arrives at their house! What a blessing it is to make memories with life long friends. 

We have been blessed with friends who are like family. I thank God for the many people he has placed in our lives who treat us like family and love us. I encourage you to print out some of your digital pictures. Make a photo box for someone. Capture the moments! 


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