Day 34 – In Case of Emergency Look for Kindness

Yesterday at about 2:15 my dad was transported to the ER at Twin County Regional Hospital due to what we would eventually find out was complications  from the flu. Due to the flu, you are only allowed one visitor back with you in the ER. No switching out, once you leave the ER you can’t come back in. For 6 hours I stayed back in the ER with my dad. 

They were extremely busy. I watched the rescue squad bring in at least 15 people. Patients of all ages coming in. Every room was full with patients waiting on gurneys and more in the waiting room. It was a very stressful night. My dad’s fever made him a very difficult patient. I hadn’t seen Luna all day. My phone kept dying and it took a long time to get any answers. I could have easily been upset about the long periods of time without seeing a nurse  or doctor, or the way my dad was acting but instead I decided to find the good that was happening. I chose to look for kindness. 

Amidst all the chaos I chose to look for kindness. My dad’s fever was causing him to make bad decisions. He kept trying to leave the hospital bed and one time ended up on the floor. It took several people to get him back in the bed. They kept calling him buddy and telling him he was all right. I am sure they were frustrated with him because he wasn’t listening, but they held their frustration in, got him back into the bed and changed. They chose kindness. 

My dad would not listen to me. He may have even said a couple bad words, but instead of getting mad and frustrated I chose to show Grace, acknowledge the sickness that was making him act that way and turn the other way. I did not react, I just kept trying. I chose Grace. 

When the nurse came back from her lunch break she had so much to do. She had a lot of tests and information to gather about my dad. She helped relieve his nerves and joked with him. She had to repeat herself several times but she just smiled and laughed. She continues to joke around with him. She chose humor and kindness. 

The doctors were really busy . The Emergency Room is a unique situation. People come in with emergencies. Their job is to stabilize and treat them. They don’t have the patient’s records or history , they can only treat the symptoms that are present at that moment and go by the information they receive from the tests run that night. They won’t always get it right. They are only human. The doctor was very polite. He talked to me and to my dad. He clearly had my dad’s best interest in mind. He chose to be professional and kind. 

All the people I came into contact with working in the ER put the needs of the patients first. As the relatives of the patients being seen, we want our relatives to be given full attention. The reality is theses doctors and nurses have to see several patients at once. They have to be evaluated based on severity of the cases. They are serving their patients who are often at their worst physically and mentally. Doctors and especially nurses value their patients’ lives. After 6 hours in the ER watching the staff work, I had a new found respect for their jobs. People were sick and sometimes not nice. Patience often ran thin and the needs great. As I watched them work around the ER I was overwhelmed with Gratitude. The night was stressful and long but I was sure that everyone there was doing their very best to serve these patients. 

To show my appreciation for the care my dad received last night, I took a bag full of candy and a Thank You note up the the ER tonight.  I know that the people in the ER were just doing their job, but working in the ER is a job that most of us could never do. See they must put the needs of their patients first at all times. Nursing is a calling and I am sure thankful for those whom are called to serve in this position.

I encourage you to take the time to thank the nurses,doctors and office staff in your lives they may just be doing their job but they will forever be greatful for the calling they followed to serve our community. Take time to chose Kindess in the next couple of days. 


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