Day 33 – We Are the Church

We are the church. Our church doesn’t make us, we make the church. We aren’t limited by the four walls of our church. There are so many churches in our community doing amazing things. There are ministries happening all over this great city of mine. I want to support all of God’s work, not just the work of my church but all of those working for the Kingdom. 

Out of The Box (OOTB) in Hillsville is one of those churches. They are service minded and I love helping out in any way I can. Brenda Harmon is my spirit animal. I talked about her in my post The Giving Keys. Brenda and the team at OOTB have been working on opening a clothing closet and food pantry. These are both such important resources in our community. For my act of kindness I wanted to support OOTB and the clothing closet so I once again went through all my clothes and filled up a large bag to donate. If after cleaning out my closet several times during this journey, I still have this much clothes to donate, then I have way too much .

I love to support other churches in their ministries. Nothing makes me happier than seeing churches serve their community. It doesn’t have to be a competition. We can all serve and support eachother in our ministries. After all, aren’t we all after the same goal. When I think about Romans 12:4-5 I think about the role of the church. We all belong to eachother. Each church in this community plays its own role but we are just many parts of one body. I challenge you to lift up the other churches in your community, support their ministries, donate time and money. It shouldn’t be about which church gets the credit, but instead that God gets the glory. 

Part of my dream this year is to connect people, churches and our community so we can better serve and support eachother. I am working on a list of churches, ministries and contact information to be used to serve one another and this community. I know how much my little church can do on it owns, imagine if we all worked and supported eachother what we could do for the Kingdom. Church isn’t just four walls, we are  the church! 


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