Day 32 – Sometimes its Simple

Sometimes it is simple. Serving, loving and giving doesn’t need to be complicated. Sometimes a simple act of kindness is all you can do but it is always enough. Kindness is infectious , it spreads joy and hope. A simple act of kindness lifts up not only the receiver but the giver. Today I found reason to rejoice, to pray and to give.

Today I dropped off a “skinny mocha” to a very pregnant friend. I was thinking about her and what an exciting time having your first child is. The only thing is, this family is also watching a loved one fight a mighty giant and as much as this is a happy time , it is also a great time of stress and worry. With the birth of this child comes the stress of sickness of a loved one. I wanted to lift this young mom to be up and make her feel special . I will rejoice in this new life and pray for the loved ones sickness. I will find ways to give and lift them up as they go through such a happy time and also a stressful time. Take time to be kind. You never know what someone is going through. Look how cute Carrie looks prego and about to pop. We have been able to pass down all of Luna’s stuff to this young couple as they start their family. What a blessing it is to bless them with all we have been given! 

Today I have been able to hear about so many acts of giving and serving. It gives me Hope. I will continue Give Thanks for all that we have and all that I am able to do for others. I am thankful for a community that continues to inspire me to do more. I rejoice, pray and give thanks for a community who gives me hope!


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