Day  31 – Rise and Shine Super Teacher (with the help of coffee of course)

 Today for my random act of kindness I brought a three pack of coconut mocha K-cups to a teacher today with a little note! I love to tease her because she gets up at 4am everyday to start her day! I have been up at 4am lately but it is only because of a little princess who makes my schedule. 
Lisa Lineberry is an exceptional teacher. She goes above and beyond for every student. Kendal had her as a teacher last year. She understood him and encouraged his curiosity and wonder. She talks with her students like they are the most important people in the world and their self confidence grows through out the year. Kendal loves all his teachers, but she holds a special place in my heart. There is nothing more special as a a parent when you know your child’s teacher understands them. We can take a lesson in our lives from Mrs. Lineberry. I am sure she has bad days, or feels tired or frustrated but her kids would never know it. She comes every day to work putting the kids first . This verse makes me think of her. To show my appreciation both as a parent and colleague , I am nominating Lisa Lineberry for the Virginia Lottery Super Teacher Award Every teacher at Gladeville deserves to be nominated. This year I am nominating Lisa because of the impact she had on Kendal’s life last year. Not to mention her classroom was the perfect fit for one of my students with Autism. The movement , visual cues, positive behavior supports, hands on activities and integration of technology were all the accommodations my student needed. I got to witness incredible growth in both Kendal and my student and that is why I am nominating her.

Wouldn’t it be great if we spent more time lifting up the teachers in our lives. What if we spent more time lifting up our co workers. I challenge you to lift someone up today. Nominate a super teacher, compliment a co-worker, by doing this you can motivate others to acts of love and kindness. 

I am 31 days into this journey and everyday I am amazed but what I am learning through this journey. The messages, letters and stories are both encouraging and overwhelming. By being intentional in my acts of kindness I am becoming more aware of God’s purpose for my life. I see opportunities to serve everywhere I go. I have been reading my bible more and talking more about my faith to both Christians and nonbelievers. I encourage you to Chase Your Dream, however impossible it seems. I am 31 days in and this dream I am chasing seems less impossible with every passing day. 


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