Day 30- Take 5 

I am lucky! I do what I love for work. I am a special education teacher! Believe it or not, I didn’t always want to be a teacher. One summer, the school district where I worked as an afterschool tutor needed a special ed aide for a student. At the time I was working at the Gap, working at the after school program and putting my self through college a couple classes at a time. I took the job and my life changed forever. Those students instantly stole my heart. They taught me more that summer than I could of ever taught them. I learned about love, perseverance, laughter and patience. I changed my major and worked hard for several years to get my masters degree in special education. I am currently in my ninth year of teaching and each year I am amazed by how much I continue to learn for my students. 

This year I have two new aides. Since I was an aide for several years, I know what a hard job it is. Our schedule is  crazy with students in several different grades, with varying degrees of needs and supports. Days are never boring and we depend on eachother to make it. Aides,or paraprofessionals, are really unsung heroes. They make or break a class. They are the hardest working people in the school (right there with the custodians and cafeteria workers). Without their support our students would not of made as much progress as they have this year! 

Today I surprised them with a treat! A bag of candy called Take 5! Every now and then we need to take 5, eat a piece of chocolate and regroup. We also share our room with the occupational therapist assistant a couple days a week. She works so patiently with my students. She also is helpful when we need back up or help. She always offers help and is so accommodating and flexible. She is a real asset to our school. I am only as good as the paraprofessionals in my room. I respect and support them. They serve my classsroom daily and love our students by showing them compassions, kindness and passion. 

When I think about all the God moments in the last 30 days since starting this challenge, I am completely overhwhelmed. Never did I expect to be blessed  so much by intentionally serving others. Through serving I have found my passion in life. I am able to share the Gospel to others more freely, I see God move more in my everyday life. Serving others is helping me to fulfill my passion. What are you passionate about? Is there a paraprofessional, cafeteria worker, ESL teacher, quidance, specialty teacher or principal who goes above and beyond. Tell them, wrote them nor, give them a call. I can testify the best way to find yourself and your purpose is to lose yourself in the service of others. 


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