Day 29 -Lets Send Her to Disney

Today we have a snow day! The timing is perfect. Luna has such a bad runny nose she could not sleep unless we were holding her on our chest. At about 4am I switched and Cesar held her so I could get some sleep. He is such an amazing dad and husband. After spending 6 hours driving Mia home from Maryland, he got up and took care of Luna even though he has to work today and I am sure he is really tired. I don’t tell him enough, but he is the best dad to our kids and I love him more than he will ever know.

Since we have a snow day the act of kindness I had planned will have to wait until tomorrow. As I was scrolling through Facebook while holding a sleeping baby, I came across a post from Emily Brown. Those of you who know Emily, know her story and know how amazing she is but for those of you who don’t let me give you a snap shot. Emily is a young mother, wife and teacher. Her family serves this community daily in the professions they chose. Everyone in her family, parents, siblings, in laws, serve our community as either police officers, teachers, or nurses. Last year Emily’s young son, Max, was diagnosed with Cancer. As a mother I can not imagine what it is like to watch your child go through that. Mighty Max is a true hero to many of us in the community. 

Through Max’s sickness I have witnessed this community come together and support and love not only Max but several other sick children in our area. The amount of kindness, giving and compassion has been inspiring. And through all of it Emily and her family inspire us not only through their courage and love of Max, but their continued love and support they show their community. I know first hand how giving this family is. I have been on the receiving end of several acts of kindness from Emily. Her family also supports the community meal and many other service projects I message them about. Not one time have I seen them post about or share what they have done for my family or others. They are a living example of what the Bible says about giving.  

So this morning when I saw Emily post about helping a young girl with cancer go to Disney, I just new what I had to do. See yesterday at church a friend of mine slipped $20 into my pocket after reading about how I cried when I thought my Keurig broke. Since I have experienced a coffee maker miracle I wanted to use  the money to bless someone else. The GoFundMe Emily shared is to help send a young girl to Disney. This is a complete stranger to Emily. Someone who she shares the common bond of watching a child battle cancer. The amount they are raising is small $1000, hardly the full amount to take a family to Disney. As the GoFundMe explains, they can’t get help from Make a Wish and although they are saving they are afraid they won’t have the full amount by the time of the scheduled trip. So I took that $20 that was given to me and donated it this family. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we showed these complete strangers in NC how much love is in our small town of Galax. She only needs $710 more to reach her goal. Let’s send this kid to Disney and show her the love of Jesus through this random act of kindness. Follow the link to donate

Happy Snow a Day Everyone!!!


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