Day 6- In Memory of Mike

Our church recently lost a beloved member , Mike Hutchinson. He was on our administration team, on our hospitality team but more importantly was part of the first life group I ever did. Mike was soft spoken, kind hearted and always welcoming. He greeted my family on Sunday mornings with kind hand shakes and loving hugs. His sweet soul will be missed. 

In loving memory of Mike I am making a small  donation in his honor to Cornerstone Church. This is in addition to our regular tithes. Mike loved Cornerstone and was involved in so many areas. His impact will be felt for years to come. I wanted to do something for him and this seemed so fitting. Tithing and giving is so important and to be completely honest, tithing is one of the most difficult things for me. In reading through my bible about tithing I came to this verse: I am going to be honest, I sow sparingly and under compulsion. I haven’t even set up my monthly tithe in our new giving app. Instead I give when I have extra or when I have money in my purse at church. I treat tithing like an after thought instead of giving what in my heart I know I should give. So I am using to not only give to Cornerstone in Memory of Mike, but I will also be using it to give monthly first not as an afterthought. 

How do you sow? 

Here is more info on if you want to make a donation in Mike’s memory too.


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