Day 28 -Praise and Worship

Yesterday evening as I was preparing to speak at church in the morning, I started thinking about all the work it takes to pull off church on Sunday morning. As I prepared to be interviewed during service by my pastor about this blog, I thought about all the people who had to be at church early on Sunday mornings. The Pastor, his family, children’s ministry, cafe workers, greeters and the praise team. It takes a lot of volunteers to make church happen.

The praise team practices for 2-3 hours a week, and then spends 5 hours at church every Sunday leading us in praise and workship. It is a huge commitment. They spend time away from their families so we can worship with ours. There have been so many times I have felt the Holy Spirit move during one of their songs. 

I am so thankful for them and their service to our church and I think we have one of the best praise teams around! 

Yesterday morning I had stopped in CVS to purchase diapers (because of course there was only one diaper left in the house) and they had two huge carts full of bagged candy on clearance for $1.50. I picked up a few knowing I would eventually use it for an act of kindness. That evening, As I thought about the questions my pastor was going to ask me, I had a great idea for my act of service. Since Luna was cranky, Kendal and I could take her for a drive and leave all the candy I bought at the church for the praise team as a surprise for when they came in Sunday morning. I would add a little note too. So in our pajamas we went to the church to deliver my next act of kindness. I want to encourage you to thank the people at your church who make Sunday morning possible for you to worship with your family. It only takes a minute to encourage those who serve us on Sunday mornings. The ones who encourage us and lead us in praise. 

Today I had the privelage of sharing about this journey during service today. I went back and read through some of my earlier blog posts and am amazed about how far this journey has taken me. 

I have learned that if I take the time to be intentional in my acts of serving, giving and kindness, that I become more aware of those tugs at my heart and God’s purpose on my life. If I put him first in all I do , if I pursue his calling on my life, he will get me to where I need to go. He will place the opportunities to serve, give and be kind right in front of me. 

Mike talked about Servolution which was a book I read and led a Lifegroup about  4 years ago. It is where the community meals started and one of those inciting moments that Mark Batterson talks about in Chase the Lion. Servolution changed me. And Chase the Lion inspired me. Those simple acts of kindness glorifying God and a God sized goal of doing it everyday and blogging about it. A goal that can only be attained with divine intervention and which is radically changing my life. What is your dream? How can I help you Chase the Lion? 


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