Day 27 – I Love ❤️Bagels 

I love Bagels. They are my weakness, right up there with fresh chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven. When I heard a friend of ours had knee surgery this week I just knew what I had to do. See Jimmy loves bagels too. We have had several, not just one, conversations about bagels. He is from NY and I am from CA. We both have an appreciation for fresh bagels. When his youngest son was born, we dropped bagels off at their house. Jimmy and his family loved it. I was just waiting for the next opportunity to surprise him. So I stopped at Panera today for lunch with my mom and picked up a bakers dozen for my act of kindness for the day!Sometimes all it takes is a bag of bagels to cheer someone up. And I didn’t even keep one for myself.

Today I had the time to reply to some of the messages and letters I have been receiving about my blog. It gave me time to reflect on this journey. Why did I start it? What have I learned? I have always been passionate about serving but I was at a point where I wanted to do more. I wanted to find my purpose. I set the goal big, 365 straight days of serving and decided to blog about it to hold myself accountable. See I am the kind of person that only trains to run a race if I have signed up to run one. I need some sort of accountability to help me stay committed . The blog was meant for me to do that. I am not a writer, have poor grammar and just write what I am thinking. Sometimes it is late at night and I make lots of mistakes. What I have learned from people who have written me letters, messaged me and shared their stories with me is that God doesn’t care about any of that. He cares about how I am serving him and how I am making disciples. In this short 26 days my life has been changed in ways I could have never imagined. The letters, messages and texts are overwhelming. I am reminded daily that this really isn’t about me but about serving Him and if I listen to those little tugs at my heart, Gods will will be done. I must rely on Him. Tonight I read John 15. These verses stuck out.Apart from me you can do nothing. 

When I started this journey and set this goal, I wanted it to be big, almost impossible. It needed to be a dream so big that the only way it could be accomplished is with Gods help. Mark Batterson said if your dream doesn’t scare you, it’s too small.

I challenge you to find your dream. Start your journey. Today is the day. 


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