Day 25 – Fight Like a Girl

Last week I had the privelage of spending my Thursday night at the Soup Kitchen. I love my community, serving others and talking. If you have ever met me you know I have never met a stranger. I had Luna so I spent more time talking to people than serving. Now looking back I know God placed me right where he wanted me, doing right what I was supposed to be doing. Towards the end of the night a lady came in with several kids, both her own and relatives, she looked tired and broken. It wasn’t until we were introduced that I learned she had been battling breast cancer and had recently had a double mastectomy. I was in awe of her strength and courage. Here she was battling for her life and still found the strength to bring all the kids to the soup kitchen to eat. And they walked! We really didn’t talk but I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I felt that tug at my heart and knew I had to do something. 

I have had several friends, family and friends with children who have battled or are currently battling cancer. The amount of love, support and strength I have witnessed is inspiring. I knew nothing about this lady, I didn’t even know her name. I didn’t know her home life, her financial situation, her religious beliefs or her past. All I knew was that she was in the fight for her life, a member of the community I love and live in, and God was tugging at my heart to show her his love. 

One of the best things about this community is that people are always willing to help. I sent out a little private message to some friends, telling them about this courageous woman and my idea. None of them asked her name, no one asked if she deserved it, or if someone was already helping, instead they all contributed and we were able to put together a box of goodies and a note letting her know how courageous we think she is and that we will be praying for continued healing. 

I encourage you to write a note of encouragemt to someone in your life. You never know what that one act of kindness will mean to them. Help someone who is sick. Find strength and courage in others. Acknowledge their battles and honor their story. 

Today I was on the receiving end of several acts of kindness. During the school day I came back to class to find a Starbucks card lying on my desk. Coffee is a teachers best friend, throw in an 8 month old and it is essential for survival. What a nice surprise and it lifted my spirits after two very busy days in the classroom. 

At the end of the day a letter was delivered to my class that made me cry. It was about my blog. My blog. I knew people were reading it and I loved hearing about others acts of kindness and service but this letter brought me to tears. See this journey started out at as a way for me to follow my dreams, Chase the Lion, and live out my passion for serving, giving and loving others. I set the bar high by committing to one act of kindness, serving and loving every day for a year. I was going to be intentional and then write about it to hold myself accountable, as a way to keep a journal about it, and to maybe inspire others. Wow was I wrong! This journey has been about anything but me. I have seen God’s perfect timing, selfless acts of giving, I have learned to trust in His plan and to listen to those gentle tugs at my heart that can only come from God. I have read my bible more, I have looked at the world as an opportunity to love, serve and give to others first. The craziness of today doesn’t seem so crazy when you spend your day focused on kindness, serving, love and giving. This journey isn’t about me. It is about Glorifying God through loving my community. Never in my life did I think that my life would change so much in just the first 25 days. His timing is perfect. 

Last night I did not practice what I am preaching when I judged the recipients of a blessing I had nothing to do with. I found myself questioning whether they deserved it. I was showing more grace and love to complete strangers than to people I know. As I read in my bible tonight I came across this verse. We should do good to everyone. Today I was blessed more than I deserve and it was a reminder to continue on this journey, I will make mistakes, there will be days I am tired but the seeds I plant today will reap a harvest in the future. Not my plan, His plan. Not my time, His time. All the glory to Him. 


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