Day 23- Me and You Are Stuck Like Glue

There is nothing more special than childhood friendships. I often think back about my childhood friends and the countless memories we made. Inspired by Kisha’s Be the Change Challenge today to lift up a child, I decided to let some of Kendal’s best childhood friends know how much we appreciate them. You see Our friends are like family to my kids. All their cousins live 3000 miles away on the West Coast. Their friends fill the void of having little family here in Virginia. We have been so blessed by the children and families in our kids lives. One family in particular, The Goads, are super special. Not only do they play a huge role in the music ministry of our church but they play a huge role in our lives too! We play sports together, go to church together, have play dates and watch each other’s kids. We love them like family and I just wanted them to know how sweet we think they are so I wrote each of them a quick note and stuck it to a box of Sour Patch Kids. Kendal couldn’t wait to give them the Treat. Kendal has a sweet, caring soul and when his cousins moved away he took it hard. Families like the Goads make his life better. Those boys have each others backs and treat eachother like family.

Kids will be kids and Kendal recently said something that wasn’t nice about The Goads(to the Goads). He apologized and those boys showed him so much Grace and Love it was ridiculous. See, we can learn a lot from the children in our lives. People make mistakes but they are also deserving of the same kind of Grace god showed us. I encourage you to learn from the children in your life. They can teach us so much about friendship, love, grace and forgiveness. Tell the children in your life how much they mean to you. Thank them and encourage them. They truly are a gift from the Lord. We are so thankful for The Goads! Who are you thankful for? 


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