Day 22 – At the Car Wash

Today has been crazy busy. Since Cesar has been out of town for two weeks in a row he stayed home and I drove Mia to swim practice. I had the best of intentions of working out tonight but instead I worked on the community meal, Valentines dinner and emails. Life sure can get busy, but it is those days that I find more meaning in the acts of kindness and service. It gives me pause and appreciation for the people and things in my life. 

I was so happy to see the other day that friends of mine just purchased a new car. They  went from a 2006 to a 2017. What a change! I know when we bought a new car a couple years ago, going from a 2003 to 2014 , it was a huge blessing. Having a reliable car, especially if you commute any distance for anything, takes the weight of worry off your shoulders about breaking down at any moment. 

As I vacuumed out the floor of my now two year old car, which was covered by a full can of baby puffs that had accidentally spilled on Saturday and had been stepped on repeatedly since then, I thought about how bad my car needed a good cleaning. Then I thought about my friends new car and that new car smell. How clean it was and free from baby puffs and soccer cleat smell. It would be a long time before I enjoyed that new car smell again, for now the scent of the car wash vacuum would have to do. 

For my act of kindness for the day I decided to congratulate them on their new car and send them a code for a car wash! I love the car wash, and drive through them often. I miss the car washes in California that had people who vacuumed and cleaned out the inside of your car for you to. There is nothing like a clean car to brighten your day!Taking time to write a note and get them a car wash brightened my day! 

Today I was encouraged by the Be The Change Challenge circulating around Facebook. The instructions are as follows:

It’s takes 21 days to make or break a habit. With the current climate in our country I think it would do us all good to do something for others. Tomorrow will be our day 1. If you miss a day no biggie. Start where you left off. If we want change, if we want goodness, if we want our lights to shine….we lead by example.

Day 1: Compliment someone. Sincerely compliment them. Someone who you know or even someone you admire from afar. Compliment something they have done or something they are doing. 

For the over achievers 😉 send that person a card. 

#realchangestartswithus #changeyourcity

I encourage you to take the time to be the change in your city. Today I am going to pay a compliment to our cafeteria workers. They work hard to feed 250 plus people a day at our school! I challenge you to the 21 day challenge along with me! 


One thought on “Day 22 – At the Car Wash”

  1. I’m taking your challenge Nicole. I love reading your blogs each night. They are blessing me. Thank you for creating a kindness movement….may iwe all get infected!


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