Day 22 – At the Car Wash

Today has been crazy busy. Since Cesar has been out of town for two weeks in a row he stayed home and I drove Mia to swim practice. I had the best of intentions of working out tonight but instead I worked on the community meal, Valentines dinner and emails. Life sure can get busy, but it is those days that I find more meaning in the acts of kindness and service. It gives me pause and appreciation for the people and things in my life. 

I was so happy to see the other day that friends of mine just purchased a new car. They  went from a 2006 to a 2017. What a change! I know when we bought a new car a couple years ago, going from a 2003 to 2014 , it was a huge blessing. Having a reliable car, especially if you commute any distance for anything, takes the weight of worry off your shoulders about breaking down at any moment. 

As I vacuumed out the floor of my now two year old car, which was covered by a full can of baby puffs that had accidentally spilled on Saturday and had been stepped on repeatedly since then, I thought about how bad my car needed a good cleaning. Then I thought about my friends new car and that new car smell. How clean it was and free from baby puffs and soccer cleat smell. It would be a long time before I enjoyed that new car smell again, for now the scent of the car wash vacuum would have to do. 

For my act of kindness for the day I decided to congratulate them on their new car and send them a code for a car wash! I love the car wash, and drive through them often. I miss the car washes in California that had people who vacuumed and cleaned out the inside of your car for you to. There is nothing like a clean car to brighten your day!Taking time to write a note and get them a car wash brightened my day! 

Today I was encouraged by the Be The Change Challenge circulating around Facebook. The instructions are as follows:

It’s takes 21 days to make or break a habit. With the current climate in our country I think it would do us all good to do something for others. Tomorrow will be our day 1. If you miss a day no biggie. Start where you left off. If we want change, if we want goodness, if we want our lights to shine….we lead by example.

Day 1: Compliment someone. Sincerely compliment them. Someone who you know or even someone you admire from afar. Compliment something they have done or something they are doing. 

For the over achievers šŸ˜‰ send that person a card. 

#realchangestartswithus #changeyourcity

I encourage you to take the time to be the change in your city. Today I am going to pay a compliment to our cafeteria workers. They work hard to feed 250 plus people a day at our school! I challenge you to the 21 day challenge along with me! 


One thought on “Day 22 – At the Car Wash”

  1. I’m taking your challenge Nicole. I love reading your blogs each night. They are blessing me. Thank you for creating a kindness movement….may iwe all get infected!


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