Day 21 – Pepping up the Pastor

One of my favorite verses from Romans 12 is the followingThis is something I have to remind myself daily. God gave us all different gifts. We are made to fulfill different roles and do different things well. Being aware of others gifts and encouraging them is something I want to do more of.

This morning as I got ready for church, I was thinking about all the people who get to church before me (since I am typically five to ten minutes late that is almost everyone) to make it happen. The planning and preparation that has to happen from the children’s ministry, praise team, printing bulletins, buying supplies, a lot has to happen before Sunday can happen.

This week I met with our pastor Mike Morris to talk about some ideas or ways I want to get more involved. I am so thankful that I go to a church that encourages us to take the next step and put our faith into action. In talking to him we got on the subject of meetings. Mike sure does attend a lot of meetings. His job as a pastor is definitely not 9 to 5. In fact between meetings, sermon prep, the daily business of the church, benevolence, emails, phone calls and text messages, he is never really off work. There have been plenty of times I have read a book or thought of an idea and sent him a text or email at both 8am and 8pm. I would have to believe the job of a pastor is never done. 

I am sure glad God chose Mike to be our pastor. He serves this community, church and my family unselfishly, often taking time away from his own family to take care of his flock. The Bible says he will guide us with knowledge and understanding As I got ready for church I thought about Pastor Mike and his family. They all serve in some capacity leading our church, youth, praise team and children’s ministry. How greatful I am for their service. I wanted to do something small to show my appreciation so I stopped and picked up a Dr. Pepper on the way to church (we share a love of books and Dr. Pepper) and while he was preaching went into his office and left him a quick note. (Disclaimer I wrote the note with a very active baby in my arms during service)It doesn’t have to be Pastor appreciation week to let our pastors and their families know we care. I want to encourage you to take time to thank the people in your life that encourage and serve you. One small act of kindness for a person and family whose life is devoted to serving, loving and caring for many. 


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