Day 20- Fill it up

Saturdays these days are crazy busy. Cesar and Mia away at swimming and Kendal had a full schedule of basketball and soccer. My mom and I spent the afternoon with Luna and Kendal in Christiansburg and then we met my dad for dinner. The long day ended with a fussy baby at dinner. Little Lu just hasn’t been herself lately. 

On the way home I stopped at the gas station to fill up my car. We spend quite a bit of money on gas with the amount of driving we do. Gas mileage is why was keep the Hyundai Elantra and don’t buy a bigger car. Before I got out of the car I felt a tug at my heart but no one else was at the gas station and then just when I was about to get out of my car a couple pulled up in their older model Chevy. Before the man could pull out his card to pay I went up to him and said, “Let me fill it up for you” . He looked at me like I was crazy. I had never seen this man before in my life. Before he could say anything I was putting my card into the pump. He finally spoke and said, “You really don’t have to do this”‘ I replied, “I know I don’t have to, I want to. I am doing 365 days of acts of kindness and service and I want to fill up your car. Pay it forward someday. Have a blessed night”. He really didn’t know what to say. I love when you bless someone in the most unlikely circumstances. I walked away from the man smiling. As I drove away I said, “Be sure to fill it up”. It was a compact car and the cost wouldn’t be more than it was to fill up my car but the moment was priceless.

Of course I can’t spend money like that every day during this journey but I have learned to listen to that tug at my heart and follow it. When I sit down to write about my act for the night I look up bible verses that match or inspired my experience. Tonight this is the verse I came across. I realized tonight that this journey has not only changed the way I see my neighbors, friends, coworkers, family and community as I am always looking for opportunities to serve and love others, but I have also spent everyday reading my bible looking for verses and doing reading plans. I have never spent so much time studying God’s word. I am finding that the more time I spend studying God’s word the clearer those tugs at my heart come and the more joy and peace I find in my daily living. My foundation is being strengthened through my reading of the word. Again this journey is taking me to places I never first intentioned. I encourage you to bless a stranger someday. Catch them in the most unlikely circumstance. Do it just because. Also spend more time reading God’s word. I have never been good at reading my bible but I am an avid reader. It was the book, Chase the Lion that inspired me to Chase this dream. Although there is great joy in serving and loving others, the reward is great for spending time in God’s word laying a strong foundation for life. Today I am going to start a new reading plan called Hearing God SpeakI would love it if you read it with me. It can be found on YouVersion. Let’s continue to serve and love others and lay a strong foundation in our own lives as well. Filling up both others and ourselves !


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