Day 19- Keep the Change

When Mia was little we had a weekly ritual. We would wait for Cesar to get off work and go to Mexican food for dinner. Mia would make a mess trying to eat the rice herself. Tonight we decided to bring that ritual back. We dropped Mia off at dance class and took Lu and Kendal to eat. 

The place was packed. I looked around at all the people thinking maybe I would pay for someone’s dinner as my act of kindness for the day. I love to pay secretly and then leave. I imagine thier reaction when the waiter tells them and they wonder who it was. I was waiting for that little tug at my heart but it just wasn’t there.

The food was fast and Luna made a mess. We offered to sweep up the rice mess ourself but the waiter insisted to clean it up. Cesar took Luna out to the car and I tried to straighten up our table and make it as easy to clean as possible. I went up front to pay and took one more glance around looking for someone to bless. Kendal and I spilt something and without Mia there our meal was pretty cheap. As the waiter told me my total and I pulled out our money I felt that tug. When the waiter started to hand me my money I told him, “Keep the change! Thanks for being understanding about the babies mess. Have a blessed day”. He smiled and said thank you and I left. See the tip was almost as big as the check. If Mia was there (since she constantly tells me she is to big and to active to eat off the kids menu) our bill would have been about the amount of the tip. 

Waiters and waitresses have tough jobs for what they are paid. I appreciate good service and I also feel so blessed to even be able to go out to dinner on a Friday night. This waiter has served us several times before and always been really nice. Sometimes when we have a not so great experience at a restaurant we forget that the people working are human to. We never know what they could be going through. Why not take this chance to be kind to someone who serves people nightly for a living. Who is not perfect, who makes mistakes but is expected o serve people with a smile and efficiency regardless of the battle they met be facing. 

Next time you are out to eat I encourage you to look for opportunities to be kind, to bless others, to pay for a meal or leave a nice tip. If you listen for that tug at your heart you may just be blessing someone who needs it more that you ever know.

 You have the power to be kind. Choose kindness and enjoying the many blessings that come from showing true kindness and love. 


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