Day 18- Three Bottles of Ranch

Three bottles of ranch, that is what I signed up to bring to the soup kitchen tonight for my act of service for the day. As usual I forgot to get it and my mom ran to the store and met me in the parking lot for the hand off. Kids off with Cesar to Blacksburg, ranch in hand, Luna in the back pack and I was ready to help serve at the Soup Kitchen with Cornerstone Church.  

If you have never served at the Soup Kitchen I encourage you to. The Soup Kitchen serves meals to those in our community 3-4 days a week. Anywhere from 50- 150 people walk through those doors on any given night. Mothers, fathers, kids, working families, sick families, broken families, loving families, elderly, grandparents, and friends, all looking for a hot meal, smiling face and kind words. 

My intention was to put Luna in the back pack and help serve alongside my Cornerstone family. Luna stayed in the backpack all of fifteen minutes, enough time for me to quickly eat (and try a couple of desserts). So with Luna in tow I made my way around the crowd chatting with people while they ate. 

Many of the people who come to the community meal I help organize at Cornerstone church are the same people who visit the soup kitchen. I realized while I made my way around how much I enjoyed seeing the friends I had made over the years. Many were excited to see Luna, they had been watching her grow since she was born. They told me about sickness and work. They talked about school and the weather. In those moments I realized the Soup Kitchen is about more than feeding people’s bellies. People have other needs that are being fed through the relationships that are being formed both by the people running the Soup Kitchen and those who serve. Like the Bible says The soup kitchen is a blessing to this community. Everytime I go I kick myself for not helping more. I love to talk and hear peoples’ stories. I met a woman battling breast cancer and a single dad of two little girls. I felt those familiar tugs at my heart telling me I could do more to serve them, love them, invite them to church. Just when I begin to doubt my ability to perform 365 days of serving, loving and giving, God opens up my eyes and my heart. 

I encourage you to visit the Soup Kitchen sometime. Either to serve or as a guest. I can promise you that you will be blessed, I know I was tonight by the gentle tug on my heart opening of my eyes to the journey I am on. 


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