Day 17 – Everyday I’m Shuffling 

Today has been busy. Between work, picking up kids, running errands and sending Cesar and Mia off to swimming it feels like I am always shuffling. Shuffling my time, my resources and my priorities. This journey has already taught me so much. One thing is that where I choose to shuffle my time, money and priorities is a reflection of where my heart is and when I take time to focus those things on glorifying God, the shuffling becomes purposeful and meaningful. We treasure our time and money but if we focus those things in the wrong direction life can be hectic. Today for my act of kindness I decided to give the IPod shuffle I was selling to the person who wanted it. Give it to them because they had a need and I could fulfill it. An acquaintance’s son likes to listen to music on the bus because it is noisy and helps keep him out of trouble. His IPod broke and I was selling one. Ever since I told his mom I would sell it to them I felt that tug at my heart telling me to give it to him. There was a need and I could provide, at no real cost to me because ,to be honest, that IPod had been sitting in my desk drawer for several years and although it had some monetary value, it’s value increased ten fold when I used it to bless someone else. I realized that even though I am always shuffling when I take time to slow down and pray, those little tugs at my heart become loud and clear. 

This journey is transforming the way I think about serving, being kind and loving others. The thought of being intentional about it for 365 days and then blogging about it is scary. But like Mark Batterson said in Chase the Lion, If your dream doesn’t scare you it isn’t big enough. I am following God’s lead and everyday I am humbled by where it is taking me. My original mission was to try to live my life according to Romans 12. By accepting that my plans are not always His plans and that this journey is much bigger than just me, it is renewing my mind and I see the world as an opportunity to serve others at every corner. Tonight Kendal and I went down to the church to help out with the service team ministry. This ministry does a whole list of things including moving people, construction projects and more. They also set up work days at our church. I was reminded tonight that that serving at church and giving away my item are both great ways to serve others as long as I am doing it for the right reason. Watching Kendal serve along some of the guys at church makes me so thankful to have them in our lives to set Godly examples for him and the rest of us. I challenge you to find a way to shuffle your time, money or priorities to serve others this weekend. Find a need and fulfill it.You may find yourself shuffling more often to serve and love others more. 


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