Day 15- Not My Plan

Yesterday I proudly posted on Facebook that although I would continue to give things away, I was going to try and sell a couple of things too so that I could pay off a very small medical bill. I went into my garage and found two scooters that my kids don’t play with anymore and posted them on Facebook for free. I had bought them on Black Friday years ago and my kids had used them a lot, but they were to small and collecting dust.The scooters were claimed quickly and arrangements made for pick up. Next I found some stadium seats we had purchased for Mia’s swim meets but after one meet we went to wouldn’t let us use them, we stopped bringing them and they also started collecting dust. I posted them for sale for $10 and much to my surprise they sold in minutes. I made arrangement to meet the lady who bought them the next day. Next I posted my old IPod shuffle for sale for $10. I never used it and it sat in a drawer. Again it sold in minutes. I was feeling good about myself. Giving away and making money to pay off a bill. Seemed like a win win to me. 

Shortly after I received a message from a friend I had made through our community meal. This is what it said: 

hey 2 wk`s and i will DONATE you few $ Love to your FAMILY 🙂

I was taken aback by this kind gesture. Here was someone who I had spent time getting to know over the years from the community meals, church and other ministries and he was offering to give to us. It reminded me of the following story from the Bible. Here I was giving and selling my surplus to pay a bill and here was someone offering to help not from their surplus but first. He was the truly generous and giving one. He was giving from much less but it was worth much more.

Today was a hectic day. Luna was not feeling well and I had to get her to the doctors. Luckily it is just allergies but she still feels crummy and can’t breathe. I had a meeting at school and was running around trying to get everything done and meet the lady to buy my stadium seats at 3:45. I made it to Mt. View Park and the lady , who I didn’t know at all, pulled right up. I got the seats out of my car and the lady asked me if I had change for a $20. I knew I didn’t. Of course I didn’t. I laughed out loud.  I had just used the last of my cash at Old Town which was exactly $10. I felt a tug at my heart. Give her the seats. Tell her about your journey. I told her she could just have them. That I wanted her to have them. I told her about my journey to serve, give and love everyday for a year. She thanked me and we parted ways. 

I knew right then that my plan wasn’t His plan. It was like he was asking me, “Why are you really selling these items?”. Give away your excess stuff. Share your journey with others. I will provide. 

This evening I went to sign Mia up for a hip hop class my parents are going to pay for as a present for her. On my way I forgot I was supposed to go by the Soup Kitchen and pick up clothes I was helping a friend of mine collect for a little girl in a house fire. I was just the middle man but I knew supporting someone elses ministry was important. What ensued was a 15 minute conversation outside Kisha’s house that reminded me that this journey I am on is bigger than me. It isn’t my plan. It is His plan and I need to follow his lead and he will provide. Giving away my excess possesions is not about helping others, it is about helping me make room and time for the things that really matter in life and trusting in God to provide. 

I drove away smiling knowing there are no coincidences. The Great Choreographer is always at work. As I continue on this journey I am reminded that He is in control and that it is my job to follow Him. 


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