Day 14 – Let Your Light Shine

Yesterday on my drive to Blacksburg it was quiet in the car, kids were asleep and I had plenty of time to reflect on this journey I have started. What started out as a quest to live my life out serving others and God with intentional daily acts of kindness, has turned into much more. The blessings I have received and witnessed, the acts of kindness big and small, public and private, the amount of people wanting to serve and give, it is both overwhelming and inspiring. 

Last night while wandering around Michaels waiting for Luna to get sleepy for the drive home, I was thinking about my acts of kindness for the next couple of days. Again I found myself in Christiansburg at 6pm with no act for the day and nothing planned for the next couple. The funny thing is that sometimes my plan isn’t God’s plan. Yesterday I was the recipient of several small acts of kindness that inspired me to pay it forward. That was not my plan for the day, but Gods plan was much better and the timing perfect. I felt like God was telling me: Walking around Michaels I started to dig through the Christmas clearance section where everything was 80% off. While I was digging through I came across a light up letter A, one of those Marquee letters and it hit me. I would buy this light up A and give it to Ashley Austin as a symbol and to thank her for being a light in this world. 

Ashley is a wife, mother, employee, God loving sister in Christ and one of the most giving and selfless people I know. She is always willing to open up her heart and her home to help others. She is passionate about connecting the women in our church and has planned several mom’s night out! 

Ashley is a light in this community . She serves in our children’s and youth ministry with her husband. She loves God and some of my most meaningful talks have been with her. God laid it on my heart to tell her all of this so I bought that $1.49 marquee sign and found a blank card at home and gave it to Ashley. Little did I know that Ashley needed to hear those words. After talking with her it just reaffirmed my belief of Gods perfect timing. Again I am reminded that if God lays it on your heart to tell someone you care or lift them up do it! You never know why God has placed that person on your heart or what they are going through. In the card I wrote this: I want encourage you just as I have encouraged Ashley, to let your light shine for others to see so they will see God working in and through you. Let your light shine, give God all the glory and trust in God’s plan. 


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