Day 13 – Pay it Forward 

Today has been overwhelming both in a good and bad way. Our family was spread thin between basketball, soccer and swimming. Our Subaru is not looking that great right now and I got all huffy about driving it to Blacksburg. On top of it I let myself get irritated by little things today including Mia’s swimming. It wasn’t my best day as a parent. 

Today did however reaffirm my belief in God’s perfect timing. A friend of mine posted a very nice compliment to me on Facebook. It brought tears to my eyes because right at that moment I realized that today I had shown more Grace to strangers than to my own family. Reaffirming my belief that God places people in your life at the perfect time. 

Following Kimberly’s lead I wanted to pay it forward. I prayed about who I should compliment. God laid it on my heart to reach out to my former aide Mr. Beamer. Here is what I wrote. 

Deborah K. Beamer please share this with David since he isn’t on Facebook. Today a friend of mine paid me a very nice and humbling compliment  here on Facebook. I was taken aback by its timing and impact on my day. So I have decided to pay it forward and post a compliment to DAVID. DAVID worked with me from my very first day teaching until he retired March 31. During those 8 years we have been through some of the most trying and yet rewarding teaching situations. Through those years I could always count on David to treat the kids fair, make sure their needs were met, and love them. We have so many great memories and I have to say the class isn’t the same without him. I am not sure I ever told him how much I appreciated everything he did for me and our students. It really was a pleasure to work with him. God placed him in that class for a very specific reason and I am thankful for that. Enjoy your retirement and visit often – I will buy us a coffee!! If there is someone in your life you would like to thank or compliment there is no time like today!! Let’s keep this going. Thank someone who has made and impact in your life and inspired you.

Life is to short to not tell people how you feel. In a world full of negativity it is so wonderful to see people being kind. I encourage you to take a moment to pay it forward and compliment someone today. 

On a side note, at Starbucks tonight for my random act of kindness I thought I would buy someone’s coffee. There were so many young adults in line and I was intimidated about their reaction if I bought their coffee. When I was ordering my drink I noticed a woman sitting in the back of Starbucks, laptop and work all laid out. I felt the overwhelming urge to buy her a gift card. I know that people can’t buy gifts for people daily, that is why I knew a compliment  would be the perfect act of love and kindness for today, but there was just something about this woman in Starbucks that made me want to pay it forward to her. I knew how awesome it was to recieve a gift card just because so I bought a $5 card and wrote her this short note:I took the card and laid it on her table, saying this is for you and walked away. A random act of kindness inspired by someone’s else’s kindness. If we would all keep paying it forward in life we could all be happier. We are called to serve, to wash the feat of sinners. Take time to do something for someone who can’t ever repay you! That is the true definition of serving. 


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