Day 11 – Thank a Teacher Pre-K addition. 

Teaching is one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs around. We are so blessed to live in this small community with so many great teachers, staff and administrators. I am not just saying this because I am a teacher, but because as a special education teacher I  have had the privelage of working in a number of different classrooms over the years. I know it sounds cliche but teachers do not choose the profession for the money. They choose it because they love it and this is how they serve their community . 

There is something to be said about the bond a child has with his/her first teacher. Kendal and Mia both rate their Kindergarten teachers as top favorites. That first year is so important for instilling a love for school and learning. It really lays the foundation for the rest of their school years and we were so blessed to have Mrs. Sandstorm and Mrs. Brown to lay those foundations. (And we can thank Mrs. Brown for also giving Mia her first Mt. Dew and Powdered doughnut ). 

Pre -K and kindergarten teachers are amazing people. Just spend any length of time in those grades and you will know it takes a special person. I love to visit but I just don’t know if I have what it takes to teach those sweet little kids. This year I have had the privelage to mentor a first year teacher who is teaching pre-k. Her voice is so sweet and calming. Her class runs so smoothly. Everytime I observed her it was like watching a veteran. She really is a natural. Most importantly the kids love her and love school. She is laying the foundation strong and setting them up for success. 

I really can’t convince her of how great a teacher she is , so today as my act of kindness I brought her a little present with a note. Those leggings have planets on them. One of her students just loves anything that has to do with planets. Mrs. Phipps is the kind of teacher that will wear those planet leggings proudly. Sometimes all it takes is a note, kind words or a sweet gesture to affirm for others that the job they are doing is impacting others and making a difference. I encourage you to take some time this week to thank a teacher and let them know about the impact they are making. What if we spent more time encouraging eachother and lifting eachother up instead of talking about, judging and tearing eachother down. How much more could we do for our students and for the Kingdom? Just as teachers are the light for our students we should be the light for them, lifting them up and supporting them in their jobs with our children. 

Today when I got to work my special education teacher partner had brought me a coffee and a muffin! Little did she know that I had been up for several hours with a teething (but very happy) baby and at that point there was no such thing as to much coffee. (Notice the muffin is not pictured, I inhaled it before I remember to grab a shot). This one kind act set the stage for the rest of my day. It made my whole morning and brought me out of the funk I was in from functioning on a couple hours of sleep. 

I am 11 days in to this 365 day journey and I don’t have the time to write about all the things happening behind the scenes. The great Choregrapher is hard at work and I have been blown away by the answered prayers, blessings and people who these small acts of kindness have touched and inspired. 

Tonight at Upward basketball our lesson was on contentment. I am not even sure this group of 8-11 year old boys understood it but I sure did. Here is the memory verse for this week. The secret is to love God so much and have a relationship with him, that that is enough. Wow. And then my devotional from The More of Less said What if contentment is found in the opposite place from where we have been looking? What if contentment is found, not in accumulating things for ourselves, but in meeting the needs of others? 

I have witnessed and experienced this kind of contentment over the past week. Helping, serving, lifting up and praying for others is leading me to a level of contentment I wasn’t sure was possible. It is a long journey and I still have a very long way to go but I am in it for the long haul. I can’t wait to continue to experience contentment in such a way that my life is changed for ever. 

On a side note. I had a great conversation tonight with my pastor and I am ready to Chase the Lion and chase my dreams even if they are 500 pound dreams. 


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