Day 10 – Unsung Heroes 

This morning while giving Luna a bath (at 8am  from a poop explosion) I was thinking about what a blessing she is in our life. I had blinked and she was already 8 months old. I started thinking about the day she was born. What an amazing day. Then I started thinking about all the people who helped bring her into this world. I was not an easy patient. I was in a lot of pain and not following instructions. It was the middle of the night and everyone was tired but the nurses were so nice, professional, encouraging and understanding. Nurses are truly unsung heroes. It is definitely a calling to become a nurse. I know I could never do it. Nurses see mothers at their worst and most vulnerable times. They witness one of the most exciting and at the same time scary moments of our lives. Nurses see it all and through it all stay calm, kind and professional. Night shift in and of itself must be hard but combine that with labor and delivery and you have one of the toughest jobs of service around. It is their job , I know, but like other jobs that involve service most nurses aren’t doing it for the pay. I am so thankful for the staff at Twin County Regional Hospital and the way they treated me and my family during the births of all three of my children. I want you to know that your service does not go unnoticed. There is no doubt in my mind that nurses are unsung heroes and that one day their work will be rewarded. But to show my appreciation for helping to bring all three of my children into the world I wanted to do something a little special. So Luna and I went to CVS and loaded up on Valentines candy and wrote a note to leave with the nurses. There are a lot of unsung heroes in our community . People who change the world for the better but do so without fanfare or applause. I am going to try and take time to thank the unsung heroes in my life. I challenge you to do the same. 

This journey to serve, love and do acts of kindness has not come without obstacles. For example, I had to be rung up three times at CVS today because my card kept freezing up the registers every time I tried to use it and my coupons to pay for the candy. By the third time I just had to laugh. The opposition is real. I have to remind my self that these acts of kindness serve a purpose. It gives me a chance to tell people about the work the God has done to me and through me. I have challenged myself to 365 straight days of service, giving and love and today I realized that this challenge/ dream is impossible with out God’s help. I can not do it alone. 

I just love the book of Romans. And today when reading the YouVersion Bible App called Multiply by Francis Chan Join me in reading Multiply Reading Plan: Francis Chan & David Platt: I was reminded why I am doing this. All the glory goes to God. He has laid it on my heart to complete these acts of kindness, serving and love. I look to him and pray that he will lead me daily to my next act. This is a Lion sized dream and I am Chasing the Lion. The point is to make disciples and I pray this journey leads me towards that goal. 


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