Day 9 – The More of Less

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, I have been reading a plan on the Bible app YouVersion called The More of Less by Joshua Becker . It is a minimalist approach to having less to find more. More time for what really matters in life. It isn’t about living in rooms with bare walls or having four outfits, it is about getting rid of the things in your life that distract you from your joy. It is about getting to the level of possessions that allow you to live the life you want.

This is my second time reading this plan. I highly recommend it. It is a very practical devotional. Today it inspired me to clean out a couple of things and donate them as my act of giving for the day. First up was this book shelf. This is a built in book shelf in my living room. It hold our keys, wedding rings and a bunch of random stuff. It is clutter and more than that it is a constant visual reminder off how much stuff we have that we don’t use. It is a constant reminder of the control my possessions have over me. I went through and divided the items into three piles. The first pile for my aides in my classroom. There are several Christian based books I can’t wait to share with them, most importantly the R12 book that was for the first life group I took at Cornerstone.The second pile was for some of my favorites that I want Mia and Kendal to read including Night by Eli Wiesel. The last pile was for donations to the library. My mom loves to buy books but she always donates them to the library when she is done reading them. The library is such a wonderful, free, family resource that I hope never disappears. I want to support it and use it. I love books and I am going to be sure to keep only a small basket of books for Luna and pass them on when I am done. 

Do you see all the clutter on those shelves? (That jar of money is for an act of giving at the end of the month.) I mean when was the last time I looked at the book on the sixties on the top shelf. So after getting rid of everything except our Bibles, Photos and a few books, I ended up with this! (A couple of those items are waiting to be returned to people I borrowed them from). I felt better just looking at it. Less to dust, less clutter, less stuff and for my act of kindness, giving and serving I was able to give these books to the library. I have been learning so much about myself through this process. The decluttering and deowning is helping me to clarify my priorities. I will only keep those things that align with our priorities. For example I want to sell the treadmill to help make some money for some upcoming medical bills but Cesar wants to keep it. He loves to exercise and it is a priority for him to be able to exercise around our hectic schedule. In discussing this I realized that I need to get rid of more stuff in the garage to make room for him to have a space to work out. Decluttering and deowning makes room and time for the things that are important in our life. I went in the garage, found a bin of toys I had been meaning to go through and was able to collect all this for Goodwill. I hope you will take the time to think about what possessions you have that might be keeping you from doing the things you want. Our possessions can consume us through money, cleaning and space. By freeing myself of some of our stuff I hope to free us up for more of the things my family loves to do. Here is one of the Bible verses from the devotional. I hope that by decluttering and deowning I can spend more time serving others and be able to give more of my time and and money. 


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