Day 8 – Grasping at Straws

Today was perfect! Our first snow day of the school year and my first snow day with Luna. We all slept in, ate what ever we wanted, took Luna sledding for the first time and just enjoyed being lazy! I even got a little work done. The day got away from me and when there was a last minute change of plans I found myself off taking Mia to her 5:30pm swim practice in Christiansburg. On the way I thought and thought about what I could do for my act of kindness, serving or love for the day. I had several acts in the beginning stages or holding in the wings (I had two bags ready to be donated in my trunk) but I had not had the time to complete any of them. My plan with this was to do one act everyday, big or small, acts of giving, serving or loving and then blog about them daily in order to reflect, learn, hold myself accountable and inspire. So here it was almost 5:30 and I had nothing. I found myself grasping at straws to try and find an act of kindness. 

I dropped Mia off at the pool and made my way over to Starbucks to use the gift card I had received last week. On my way I thought I could use the card to buy myself a drink and also a stranger. Pay it forward and complete my act for the day. Starbucks was empty with only one person in front of me. She ordered and paid so fast that I didn’t have the time to offer. She walked away and feeling disappointed I began to order. Then the barista said to the lady that her transaction didn’t process. Great I thought! I offered to add the drink to my bill, thank yous were exchanged and my act complete. 

Until the barista said “I made a mistake her transaction did go through” . What? No! That was my act of kindness for the day. Now what would I do? Did it count because I offered? It still was kind. I got my drink and headed to my car. I pulled into the TJ Maxx parking lot and felt a wave of panic. I guess my blog would be about me failing to complete an act. I guess I could reflect on how many things I had in the planning stages. Maybe God was trying to teach me about spreading myself to thin, or maybe I wasn’t praying hard enough about the acts. I sat in the car looking like this: I walked around TJ Maxx for 45 minutes looking for a birthday gift. All the while thinking about my act of kindness for the day. I could call a friend I hadn’t talked to in a long time and tell them how much I missed them. I could make a donation online to a charity, I could write a letter to someone when I got home. All those were good ideas but I knew it wasn’t what I was supposed to do. 

I got into my car and drove through Chick Fil A to get Mia a sandwich to eat for dinner with all the things I packed her. I could just pay for the person in line behind me. That sounded like a good idea and easy until the car behind me pulled up and it had four adults in it! That wouldn’t work. I didn’t have enough cash on me to cover that. I got Mia’s food and drove back to the pool to wait. 

On the way home the car was quiet. I thought about all the great acts of kindness I had in the planning stages. One waiting for the end of the month, one for when we go back to school, waiting to hear back about a charity, another donation of books for the library, I needed to pick up a card. But nothing for today. 

When we got into Galax I remembered I needed to pick something up at CVS and I ran in really quick while Mia waited in the car exhausted from swimming. I went to the extra savings kiosk and scanned my card. It was my lucky night, $8 in extra bucks came out. I could pick up the card and a couple other things with my coupon. After I grabbed the card I was walking back up to the front of the store and passed through the nail polish isle. 

It hit me.

My act of kindness for the night. I would buy Mia a bottle of nail polish and surprise her. She loves to paint her nails and always begs me for nail polish but I never buy it for her. I would use my coupon to get her a bottle that was more than $1.99. I picked out a really nice royal blue to match her bathing suit. I checked out with all my coupons and paid $.81 for my items. When I got back to the car and gave Mia her surprise !She was so excited. I told her she was my act of kindness for the day. As we rode home I realized the lesson God was trying to teach me today. Although it is important to serve others, it is important to serve my family also. Mia and I talked about my blog and what I was trying to do and how I couldn’t do it without her help and the nail polish was a thank you for helping me. As soon as we got in the house she immediately said to Cesar “Guess what mommy’s act of kindness was today? Me!” As she proudly displayed her new nail polish. I get it God, she was sitting in the back seat right there the whole time. My family is so important to this journey. They each bring something different to it. I then thought about the following verse in Romans 12:This is true of your family too. I am so glad that God used today to remind me that serving at home and acts of kindness to my family are just as important as acts to others .  And I thank Him for giving me the time with Mia tonight to talk to her about this journey and allowing me to share in her joy when it was her I was blessing! 


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