Day 5 – Babies and Snow 

It seems like everyone I know is having babies! Girls too! Lots and lots of girls! Which has been great for me because I have been able to give away all of Luna’s stuff. I guess I could have sold some of it. I know I could have made some money especially on the big stuff but the thing is that when we had Luna we were so blesssed by the generosity of our friends, family, church and community that we did not buy one thing for Luna. Not a single thing before she was born. Car seats, swings, strollers, bathtubs, clothes, soap, diapers you name it we got it. We knew that as Luna outgrew her thing we had to pass it on. 

After Luna was born we continued to be blessed by meals. For three weeks we were brought meals, desserts and gift cards. It was so nice to be able to focus my time on Little Luna and my family instead of dinner. It was truly a huge blessing. 

Now it may come as a surprise to some of you, but I am not much of a cook. I can cook but I don’t cook much in the way of meals. I want to be able to share the blessing of food after having a baby so I decided gift cards, bagels, pizza, doughnuts, desserts would be my thing. I have failed miserably at it. In the past several years I have only taken things to a handful of my friends who have had babies. After having Luna I told myself I would do better at it, and yet I still have failed. Several friends have had babies lately and although my intentions were to drop off bagels and cream cheese, it never happened. It reminded me of a quote from one on my favorite authors. If you haven’t read Love Does by Bob Goff I highly recommend it. His story is incredibly inspiring

A friend of mine at church just became a grandmother again. Her daughter had a little baby girl on Thursday night. My friend is such an awesome lady. We became friends through a life group I led the other summer based on the book Servolution Since then we have been serving together in various ways. Her daughter and I have become friends too. I tutored her son for over a year and I just think the world of this family. 

As the afternoon got away from me I just knew what I wanted to do for my act of love and service for the day, I would go buy a big tray of Subway cookies and a gift card so the new parents could get a bite to eat when they brought home the baby. 

Then it started to snow. School released early. I had to go to the store, pick up Luna and run several errands all before picking up Mia and before the snow got to bad. How was I going to get the cookies and gift card to them? Then I thought about my commitment to acts of love and service. How it isn’t always easy or convenient I could have probably just picked something easier for that day but I felt led to bless this new family. I got everything done, cookies and gift card in hand, just in time to pick up Mia from school and then the snow began to fall harder and worse , it began to stick. This city girl and her 2WD car do not drive in snow. I began to panic a little when I thought about driving up hospital hill with all my kids in the car to drop off this gift. As I slid down the hill after picking up Mia I just new I couldn’t get the gift there today. I felt disappointed in knowing I wouldn’t be able to get there tomorrow with all the snow that was forecasted. 

I messaged my friend and asked her if I could stop by her work and bring her the gift to take to her daughter when she went to see the baby that evening. This was in my way home and much easier. When I walked in the front door of her work I was greeted with a huge smile and hug. I handed her the gift and we talked about the baby. She was beaming with joy. As we said our good byes and I started to drive home it hit me. My plan isn’t always His Plan. Taking the gift to Kathy was perfect. I was able to hug my friend, share in her joy for her new grand baby. Her daughter would still get the gift, but it was my friend who gifted me. I was reminded of how the littlest acts can show love. How sharing in ones joy can bless all those involved. I left there so thankful for her friendship.

Sometimes our plans don’t work out. Sometimes a snowstorm gets in our way but sometimes  it is God who gets in our way. His plan is always better and sometimes we just need to listen instead of being dead set on doing it our way. Babies are such a blessing and I encourage you to be a blessing to families who are bringing new life into this world. Taking a gift card or a meal does take some money but it blesses the family in so many ways and who knows maybe someday they will bless someone in return. 


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