Day 4- A Sweet Treat and a Nice Note

Today for my act of kindness, I bought a coworker coffee and a muffin and surprised her with it this morning. With it I put a note. A simple note. The art of writing notes and letters is fading fast in our tech driven culture. We send texts, emails, videos and instant messages. Remember the days of stationary stores? I am embarrassed to say that the card I wrote the note on was given to me as a gift 9 years ago. We send invitations online and we even print out Christmas cards with our pictures and name, long gone is the hand written Christmas card. A note takes a few minutes to write but can have lasting effects. I could have just given her the coffee and muffin. She would have been just as greatful, but a note makes it more personal, a note can be saved, referenced again, act as a reminder or encouragement. I am going to spend more time in 2017 making phones calls and writing notes and letters. I am going to tell people how much I appreciate them. The Note was the gift , the sweet treat the bonus. I challenge you to take time to write a note or a letter to someone in your life. Let them know you care, encourage them, tell them something great, you might even add a sweet treat!!!!


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