Day 3 – Fit for life

Last Christmas three of my best friends got together and bought me a FitBit. It was the nicest gift and very thoughtful (although I joked with them that it was cruel to give a 5 month pregnant lady an exercise gadget). All three of them had one and I knew it was going to be fun challenging each other to get our steps in. I love to run and had been encouraged by the gift and the idea of getting back into running right after Luna was born. 

May came and went, Luna was born, and life stayed busy. In those 5 months leading up to her birth I had worn my FitBit only a handful of times. I looked at it every evening on the night stand longing for the time I would wear it and start running again. Summer was a blur and although I got a couple runs, in I never put the FitBit back on. Work started back and at this point I found it more important to find time to sleep than to exercise. The FitBit sat on my dresser and a year went by with me wearing it only a few times. Although it was a very thoughtful gift, I had not put it to use and it felt wasteful to let an expensive gift just sit there and collect dust. So with the chance I might offend one of those three ladies who gave it to me, I decided to gift it to someone who I knew would love it. 

The custodian at my school is the hardest working lady I know. Not only does she work 8 hours every evening cleaning our classrooms, she often subs during the day working 16 hour days. She is my favorite sub. She loves the kids and is very reliable. I have called her late at night with a sick kid and she went in for me even though she wasn’t hundred percent herself. She always puts others and herself first. She has worked hard to buy everything she owns herself, having zero debt . She is a true role model. She also loves to count her steps. She probably walks five miles a day around our school doing everything and anything that is asked of her. When I thought about who I should gift this FitBit to she was the first person that came to mind. I gave it to her today and she loved it. She offered to pay me for it but I assured her I wanted her to have it as a thank you for all she does for our school. I am glad I could give it to someone who would use it. 

I know it seems like my first 3 days of serving, loving and kindness have been all about giving  away my stuff but it is a new year and I have been cleaning up after the Holidays so this is just the season I am in. I am however trying to make the donations thoughtful and meaningful. 

I continued with the You Version bible App reading plan, The More of Less and there it was again. As I continue to focus on 365 days of serving, giving and loving while trying to live out Romans 12 I will continue to examine my own faith. I love the part in Romans 12 that talks about our gifts.I look forward to exploring my gifts as well as stepping out of my comfort zone to serve and love others. What are your gifts? I would love to hear about you acts of kindness, love and service. Let’s encourage eachother throughout this year. Let’s be more than physically fit for life but spiritually fit too! 


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