My Mission

This year I am going to try my best to live out Romans 12. Romans 12 has changed my life. It was the basis for the very first life group I did at my church on the book R12 That book and group was one of those inciting incidents, a point where your life changes and there is no going back. Since that incident, I can look back and see a series of events that may not have happened without that one inciting moment. I will share about these more as the weeks go by. For now I want to share with you my challenge. I have been reading the book Chase the Lion by Mark Batterson and following his Instagram . The combination of the two is what gave me the idea for this self challenge. In Chase the Lion Batterson discusses chasing your dreams while his Instagram challenged us to have a verse of the year. When I was reading my bible app looking for a verse of the year I was drawn back to Romans 12. Where it all started for me. 

It hit me. I want to be intentional in my acts of serving, kindness and love. Both big and small. I don’t want to just set some New Year’s Resolution and then forget about it in two months. I don’t want it to be convenient, or easy, but instead be a part of the Lion I am chasing. I decided I was going to challenge myself to 365 days of serving, loving and kindness. I also decided to blog about my experience as a way to hold myself accountable, share about the experience and hopefully inspire others and hear about their acts. There is no doubt in my mind that there will be days I want to stop or fail miserably. I have no idea where this journey will lead me. I do know that I am putting it in Gods hands and through prayer, service, kindness and love I hope to glorify Him. This is my first time blogging, I am a horrible speller, terrible with grammar and editing, I don’t have a way with words or a desire to write. I do know that this Lion I am chasing scares me and I am running as fast as I can towards it with all of my heart and look forward to taking you on this journey with me! 


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